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Back when I was a kid, MAD magazine was one of the best things in life. They sold books of their cartoons and Spy Vs. Spy as well. The best of the books had to be this one, though. It came with illustrations, but this site doesn't have them, sadly.
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Two days ago I saw a jeep cherokee with a spy-vs-spy bumpersticker.
That's so much better than a dead-head sticker. :D
You're very welcome +Mary Jacobs . Just to get you in the mood here are a few handy hints from their 'Top Tips' section:

CONVINCE your neighbours that evolution is working backwards by not shaving for a week, walking to your car gradually more stooped each morning and wearing a monkey costume on the Friday.
- Baruch Soloman, e-mail

POLICE. Save money on expensive sirens by putting a police dog on the roof of your patrol car and shutting the door on its tail before attending a 999 call.
- Andy Bradshaw, e-mail

SAVE HOURS in every working day by hanging the clock upside down at 10.05am. That way, it's 4.35pm and only 25 minutes to home time.
- Sod Robin, Leicester
... and a couple of entries from'Roger's Profanisaurus'

booze snooze n. An alcohol-induced siesta taken in the pub or stationary vehicle.

tipping the teapot n. Situation which occurs when, owing to a fully or semi-erectivated state, a fellow is unable to aim his tassel at the toilet bowl for a slash and must therefore bend his whole body to attain the required angle of incidence.
My Favourite:

Table of prices to Answers

Answers: $0.50
Correct Answers: $3.50
Dumb Looks: Still Free!
We collected Mad Magazines when we were kids. Fun stuff! I also had a Spy vs. Spy book.