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Tech Futur | Microsoft’s Mustang Inside And Customisations Detailed

The project uses a 2012 Ford Mustang that looks like a 67 Mustang fastback with help from West Coast Customs (PIMP MY RIDE Team - XiBit) to inspired developers to build apps and automotive technologies for the future.. The car is packed full of technology including #Ford Sync, #Kinect , #Xbox360 , #Windows8 , control via #WindowsPhone , access to Windows #Azure , Windows 8 #Tablet (not iPad) as a car dashboard & multimedia and more... -
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All from Microsoft can be hackimg but.... we still used, and I am sure naw more of his product are inovation include from same smole compani ho sell or ho lose his right to that inovation , money make diferentt and give to them to much power I hope ... they shell lose in one day that power
Then and your work shell be sell to a big compani for a good profit/price or ... same ... shel stil from you with a smoll price
I told you that after a 5 ears fight with sane .. similari compani for europe
They cod not brook me .. but haw much you hope I shell by so strong?
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