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"We're excited to see you in San Francisco! " MICROSOFT #BUILD 2014 ! #SanFrancisco #Microsoft #Build #2014
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Xbox One : "From Ideas to Product "

When the Xbox One was greenlit in the fall of 2011, “the decision wasn’t, ‘We need a gamebox,’”. “It was, ‘We need a living-room experience.’” Built that way from the ground up. The 360 simply wasn’t constructed that way, so the reason why the Xbox One is more Boxy than any gaming console ever made.  

The new Xbox had to deliver enough horsepower to fuel a generation’s worth of gaming—but it also had to deliver everything else: live TV; an OS architecture that allows for smartphone-style multitasking; a new Kinect sensor that can handle hi-def Skype calls and "monitor your heart rate". The Xbox One isn’t just a console. It’s an entertainment borg that hopes to assimilate everything from your Blu-ray player to your cable box.

The Xbox One is a bit bigger than the 360 and as rectangular as it gets. It’s a deep, glossy black that the industrial design team calls liquid black.

#Conception #design #product #management #XboxOne #Project #Gaming #Xbox360 #PS4 #microsoft #XboxReaveal  

Thanks to @JoeBelfiore- MS Redmond
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Kepler Ramanantsoa

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Video Buzz marketing |  MS Surface Ad High Musical School Dancer on Tour! (The result, I want to get one Surface now)

Microsoft puts out the first Surface TV commercial, after watching it, no one can accuse Microsoft of copying Apple iPad marketing, that's for sure.

The MS marketing strategy focuses in "Get people to remember something" as Surface's attachable keyboard and pop-out stand and the click sounds they make. There is lots of action centered around clicking. In the first ad, you won't learn anything about what Surface does from the one-minute or how much the tablet costs. But people will remember the Awesome commercial Ad wich refers to the slate, the colorful Modern UI, the product range and Microsoft.

For me, with this commercial, Microsoft's notoriety goes Social, Friendly, Innovative and Georgeous! 

#surface #microsoft #windows8 #windowsphone8 #xboxmusic
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Candi P
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Kepler Ramanantsoa

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MARKETING | Nokia Politely Points Out Why the Lumia 920 is Better than the iPhone 5 with a Cute Graph

All in all I like that Nokia’s social marketing is addressing the fact that other devices exist out there, and are proving why their devices are better, rather than pretending that they’re the only ones who make phones. This is the way to compete. 

Nokia UK just posted the graph below on FB along with the caption “Good things come to those who wait”, hinting for people to hold off the iPhone 5 and “wait” for the super amazing Lumia 920 (if only we knew when it was coming).

Notice that this graph doesn’t take any cheap shots at the iPhone 5, nor is it calling it an inferior device, in fact it almost shows a sort of “respect” to their competitors; a tone that is almost definitely lost on Samsung and HTC

#SwitchToLumia #Nokia #Lumia920   #pureview   #iphone5  
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Kepler Ramanantsoa

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NEXUS 7 UNBOXING | Here is the latest NEXUS 7 Tablet  of Google Asus. Bought it in UK (Not available in FRANCE yet)

VERDICT : Simply the best Android tablet ever made, the 7inch is designed to be hand-held. The device is so fast with his QUAD CORE, the UI with the latest Android 4.1.1 is very tidy, uncluttered and more elegant with the device design, good value for money. Google made a great effort, i prefer the #NEXUS7 more than #iPad but i think Windows 8 Tablet is more advanced, like #Surface .

I will unbox and tell you more about Microsoft Surface on 26th october, the release date of Windows 8 ! 

#nexus7   #nexus7inhand   #nexus7unboxing   #windows8   #ipad  
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A Pretty Porsche Vehicle. Here's mine!
#PorscheOwner #Porsche #PorscheDesign
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Kepler Ramanantsoa

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It’s colourful. Fast. Takes amazing photos. And that’s just for starters... So many reasons to fall in love with the new Nokia Lumia. Then make the #switch .
"Watch the live stream featuring Deadmau5" - Broadcast will start at :

#Nokia #Lumia920 #Lumia   #deadmau5   #windowsphone8
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Kepler Ramanantsoa

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Marketing / Design : The box art of Windows 8 

Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system will be available from retailers on October 26th, but up until now we haven't known exactly how. In the meantime, we can be inspired by the top notch design art of the packages that come for Windows 8. N edition is marked as "not with Windows Media Player."

#Windows8 #packaging #marketing   #microsoft #Surface #smartglass  
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Kepler Ramanantsoa

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Video LoL | Hitler Reacts To The New iPhone5 Launch, Finds Nokia Lumia 920 Devices Innovative!

As #Nokia out-innovated Apple with the Nokia Lumia 920 and though not everyone was blown away by the iPhone 5 announcement — some critics argued that improvements to the model were merely incremental — the announcement appears to have given a slight boost to Apple’s stock price (The company’s stock was up +1.4% on Wednesday (Nokia +2%) — the day of the announcement — and jumped another +0.7% in premarket trading.), the iPhone 5 is poised to become the fastest-selling gadget of all time, racking up sales of as much as 58 million units and $36.2 billion, according to analysts surveyed by Bloomberg but they think that NOK share will be more attractive than AAPL stocks soon. Nokia has gained attention with new models!

WIRED MAG :  Poll - Which Will You Buy? iPhone 5 vs Lumia 920...

#LOL   #Nokia   #lumia920   #Apple   #iphone5   #NOK   #AAPL  
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Mad funny, right up there with the Usain Bolt version
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Kepler Ramanantsoa

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PALMARES KEPLER | Parfois, il est difficile de croire qu'un site perso arrive à atteindre voire dépasser le volume de trafic seulement réservé aux sites de grands groupes, d'entreprises et professionnels. 

Mes deux sites perso, gérés le week-end, démontrent qu'on peut atteindre et dépasser le 1.000.000 VU  (visiteurs uniques) quand on a les compétences et les connaissances réunies. Je pense pouvoir le réaliser avec un seul site, pour bientôt...

#kepler   #mediametrie   #siteperso   #statistiques   #google   #seo #marketing #socialmedia   #design   #onlinemarketing  
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tu pourrais donner les url qd même, histoire qu'on te rajoute des visites ;)
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We’ve got to keep pushing... and remain focused – there’s a lot of hard work ahead." ([-,-])
I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious...It is not that I'm so smart, but I stay with the questions much longer. 

Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value. Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is to not stop questioning... Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere. ” ― A. Einstein, The World As I See It
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