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DFW Resistance
Resistance Members in the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex
Resistance Members in the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex

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DFWr Membership Request Form 

In an effort to streamline the membership approval process we've created a Google Docs form. Please fill it out and be sure to follow the instructions provided. Be patient and we'll get approved as soon as we can.


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Community for the DFW Resistance.  Verification will be required before being allowed to join.  

DFW Resistance, we've made big progress.  Lapetus88 was able to connect a pretty big chunk of Dallas yesterday.  We've done some major work in the past few days, but it looks like the Enlightened are catching up.

TheWeasel has created two level 3 portals up in Las Colinas.  So we need to hunt down this weasel and stop his progress.

Also, make sure while we're out and about that you're taking pictures and submitting new portals.  New portals around your work/home areas would be easy to capture and maintain.

Good teamwork so far, but this war is far from over.  Make sure you're connecting with teammates on our forum(link in the About Me section).

The DFW Resistance team is putting in overtime!  The day isn't even over yet and look at our stats for today(pulled from chat logs):

Portals Captured 59
Portals Linked 61
Resonators Deployed 446
Resonators/Links Destroyed 46
Control Fields Created 36

Good job team!  Great work today!

#resistance   #ingress  

DFW Resistance group is online and ready for duty.  Dallas Ft. Worth Resistance members please check-in.

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