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The Chrome team has removed the 300ms delay from taps until action in Chrome for Android, version 32.

It created a fake feeling that web apps were slow, and maybe it was just to push native apps.

Anyway, I'm extremely happy it has been removed! Always glad to see progress and a faster mobile web experience.

#Chrome #Android #Web

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Very inspiring and awesome talk on solving performance issues with #HTML5 , and making it viable for mobile app development.

Definitely recommend watching it!

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If you want knowledge, check out Vsauce on YouTube!
He is one of the most epic YouTubers out there talking about scientific stuff.

I will never be bored on Google+ again!
This is epic.

I got an extra #IngressInvite . Post something awesome in the comments and you'll get it. :)
The reason i want you to post something epic in the comments is so I can give it to someone that really wants it.
#IngressInvites #Ingress #Resistance #Enlightened  

EDIT: Winner will be found tomorrow.

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Not sure if texting or attacking my portal...
Ever since I started playing Ingress, I constantly feel this way everywhere I go! :D

P.S. And now I have to go, since so many potential portals in my city borough still have to be added ;) #ingress #munich #enlightened...
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