Research, Time, & Success at a Cost

Does this look familiar?

Book Guy: I research the problem.
GM: Ok, but that means you're going to miss out on the next 2 scenes looking stuff up.
Book Guy: Well, guess I'll go get the pizza, then. Who wants what soda?

We've all been there or done that once or twice, right? I was wondering how to handle things like this in Core without the pizza break, then the answer came to me: success at a cost.

Have the player either make an overcome/create advantage, or do a full challenge as a montage scene. If they succeed, great! They get what they were after! Fail? Nope, succeeded with a cost! They stayed up too long, so now they're exhausted (either a situation aspect or a mild consequence). Or perhaps the bad guy got wise to their plans, and was able to make plans of their own and are now prepared for the confrontation, complete with free invoke!

It takes just one scene, not several, and the player still can pull a rabbit out of their hat at the 11th hour! Win for everyone!
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