How would y'all handle absolutes?

I've been watching Stargate: Atlantis, and the puddle jumpers have a cloaking device that is absolute. No sensors of any kind can detect the ship while cloaked. No matter how advanced their anything, it can't detect the ship, period.

Would the ship have the cloaking device aspect? According to page 273, if it influences the story, use an aspect. That sounds about right. You could then compel those who are trying to find it. 

They have the cloaking device aspect and are in a cat-and-mouse situation, so it makes sense that, unfortunately, they would escape you. Damn your luck.

Or would it be a stunt? I'm not really on board with this one, since stunts make skills more awesome. You're not doing anything with skills, right? Since you don't roll to be cloaked.

Cloaking Device When active, nothing can detect you. However, while active, you may not make any rolls to interact with anything outside the ship.
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