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Hi everybody; like most of us been working but with a new vision.  I'm working hard to be able to hardly work :o)  That's right!  I'll soon be able to put our Client Acquisition System on auto pilot.  So to follow along with all the new development - the last being our App, visit my blog:

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Guaranteed Client Flow
I guarantee to increase your client acquisition by vastly increasing the traffic to your website. 
What I offer needs no hype!  In our society today it’s not often that you’re given a guarantee of service.  You may be able to Purchase a Limited Warranty but not a Guarantee.  This offer is unique not only because of the guarantee but also because it’s so much needed by the Coaching industry, which generally suffers from the lack of consistent client flow?   My guarantee should also let you know if I’m able to offer one my solution must be rock solid and it is. 
What I initially charge for the service in no way covers my costs.  Most companies are charging $1000 to $5000 down and $1000 a week to help you increase you’re website traffic and ranking. 
However, being a coach myself I know most coaches can’t afford those prices.  So with the help of others I’ve been able to build a system that works and because of high volume I can offer it at a favorable price.  It’s only $89.95 for the first month, which is a great deal!  Then after you see I/we are able to steer enough prospect activity to (1000 +) to you site.  The monthly cost increases to $149.95 a month for 5000 to 10,000+ a month.
Important Note:  I can only afford to take on 50 clients at the $89.95 price brake.  Moreover, to ensure your ability to see I’m doing my job, you must sign on to Google Analytics.  It’s Free!   and for further details and payment instructions visit:  Contact me today!  

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We all need somebody sometime!

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