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They should check that non-malignant brain tumor very carefully. Those can be a variety of things that explain behavior in complex ways.

Still here, problem still needs some work.

So this is not looking like the Russians to me...

Still happening. I'm still here. This is a problem. It's not good in the United States that this should be allowed. Action on it FBI?

they may be attempting to exploit correlation and causation in re rape pulses

For the record, I have been getting raped by radiofrequency means at my apartment and since about October last year. The FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation knows it is a real phenomena.

To demonstrate the FBI is aware it is a real phenomena, I publicly threaten the use of lethal force the moment I can identify the perpetrator, to be used in my own defense.

I communicated this threat to the United States Attorney in late 2015.

We should have both Shearer and my mother for cases involving, but not limited to, fraud upon the Court. #FuckDan #FuckMyMomButNotLiterally

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I strongly suspect if you compare this letter with Shearer's defense, you will find it contradicts itself. In math there's a term for that.

In fact, they put in their official record I stopped showing up, but Mr. Shearer wrote the following to dismiss the case. This letter was written and given to me in Summer of 2002, despite the fact it is dated January 2002 for some unknown reason.

When combined with the official account Mr. Shearer provided, it demonstrates malfeasance and an intent to deceive in either the BCMH records or this letter.

Also, got two mystery poems on 12/28, dated and signed 12/16, the day Boulder County DA declined prosecution on mom, with a note dated 12/4. The poems were signed by an "Emily" and did not say who they were to. They were marked return to sender, and the return address was mine.

You know what that is not a replacement for? Justice.
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