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With Thanksgiving being two days away and Christmas coming closely behind, there is sure to be a lot of cooking going on in a lot of homes. When cooking a meal of large proportions with lots of different entrees, you have to remain organized. Mixing up the sugar and the salt can definitely make any holiday not so happy. After all, what makes a kitchen great is how you organize it! Listed are a few tips for turning your cluttered kitchen into an organized dreamland.

1: try a lazy Susan! Not just for your spices to sit on but your most used items in the kitchen that usually just sit on the counter. #MoreCounterSpace

2: Store your items, food and dishes, by use and similarity. All of your spices should be together, all of your canned goods should sit together in the cabinet, and same goes for your fridge. Kitchenware and dishes should be stored based on how often you use them, meaning that the fine china should be stored way up high, unless, of course you eat off of fine china on a daily basis. 

3: Try to store the items you cook with near the stove..Just makes sense. 

4: Organize your plastic ware collection that i know you'll be pulling out for the thanksgiving leftovers. Try to keep tops together and containers together in a designated Tupperware spot. 

5: Invest in shelf organizers. The pain of searching for one certain pan and its lid can be over with sliding shelf organizers. They usually have two levels, so that you can double what you could normally store in a kitchen shelf

6: Drawer organizers are great as well, store all of your spoon, forks and knives together yet separate. 

7: Use all of your space wisely. That little space under the cabinet can be used for a towel rod or even to store small appliances.

8: Use baskets to neatly store in open cabinets. You may even want to use see through storage, such as wire bins, to store items and be able to easily spot them when in need. 

9: Hang your pots and pans! Seems like that one went right over my head (that was a joke, get it? “over my head”) Your cookware will never get lost in a cluttered cabinet this way.

Well that is all that I have I hope that these tips are helpful and on behalf of Hialeah Self Storage, we hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving!

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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is this Saturday and we want to share some tips to make sure you are safe while having fun!

1.Drive carefully on Halloween, especially in residential neighborhoods, there will be lots of little ghouls and goblins running around.

2.Not only should you drive safely, walk safely and be aware of your surroundings. Remember that everyone has on elaborate costumes that may drag the ground, you wouldn't want to trip anyone or fall yourself because you are running too fast. 

3.Trick or treating should be done with an adult for anyone under the age of 12 years old.

4. Using reflective tape on your costume or candy bag will help drivers see you better.

5. DO NOT enter anyone's house unless you are with a trusted adult. 

6. Always check your treats for tampering before eating it.

7.Using decorative makeup? Test it on your arm or hand before applying it to your face and be sure to clean it all off before going to bed.

Again, we hope your Halloween is super fun and scary as well as safe! Follow these tips and don't eat too much candy! 
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