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Mr Jungers,
Although we are sympathetic that you are once again faced with extensive dental needs: we must refute your faulty recollection regarding your experience in our office and the many inaccuracies contained in your review. Unfortunately, the one accurate portion of your review is that the Cobb County Police Department had to be involved in your case. This is the one and only time in 17 years of dental practice that we had to have the police deal with a patient over a financial matter. We here at Reilly Dental make every effort to to work with our patients financially whether it be to phase treatment, assist with acquiring outside financing, or allow patients to make payments for their treatment. As to your claim that you were never contacted by our office prior to being contacted by the detective, this is simply untrue. Numerous calls to you were made, voicemails left, letters sent, and eventually certified letters sent. The detective's investigation uncovered what he called "deliberate fraud" by you and classified the case as "felony theft of services". You did indeed call Dr Tom and then met with him at the office. At this meeting you asked that we drop the case against you which we immediately did. You did make a payment at that time and eventually your mother settled the account for you despite your being an adult at the time. If you would like a copy of your ledger, the certified letters from our office, the signed certified receipts, and Detective Monical's case report; we will gladly provide them to you to help refresh your memory regarding the facts in the case.
In regards to your assertion of "shoddy work"; Drs Tom and Susan proudly stand behind their work, but just as a car warranty is voided if an owner failed to perform regular maintenance/oil changes, we expect patients to maintain their oral health via regular check-ups to maintain their dental work. As Dr Susan explained to you on the phone, all you would need to provide is a copy of your dental records since we last saw you in 2011. As long as your twice yearly cleanings have been kept to ensure proper hygiene has been maintained, we will absolutely warranty the work.
One final note, if your current dentist would like a copy of your dental records and x-rays, we would be happy to forward them at no charge.
                                                                           Dr's Tom and Susan Reilly
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