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IB Higher Level History Asia Option Website now up
As the blog is getting harder to navigate, I've moved lots of stuff (and new stuff) to here:   This should be clearer and easier to find your way around.  So far there is only complete coverage of Unit 4 Early modernization and late imperial decline but the...
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Hi Parents and our students,

De Solution do not adjust parents and students about the information of home tuition and Tuition center, the information is shared for parents and students who want to choose the tuition for your children and students also.

 base on the Media Invite: Larger-than-life Human Body Experience (HBX) exhibition at Science Centre Singapore

Which is better? Home tuition vs tuition centre

Mummy says:

If you have read The New Paper report last Sunday on some parents spending $6,000 a month for their children’s tuition, I am sure many of you are not surprised as tuition is now considered a “necessity” and not a “luxury” for all school going children.

We believe that tuition has some benefits to the child, as long as the lessons are planned and taught properly, to supplement the school lessons.

One questions most parents ask is “Should we engage a tutor to come to our home to teach or should we send our child to a tuition centre instead?” Lets look at which is better in this column.

Home tuition : This is useful for busy parents who have no time to send their children to the tuition centres. When the tutor comes to your home, you save a lot of travelling time both for yourself and also your child. Another advantage is the one-to-one home tuition lessons can be customised to help your child in his weaker areas. The tutor is able to spend more time teaching topics which your child has problem and less time on those topics which he already knows quite well.

Tuition centre: Many parents prefer tuition centres because these centres normally provide standardised worksheets for the students. The lessons are more structured and follow a fixed time-table. This is useful if your child can study in a group and does not need individualised coaching. There will also be informal benchmarking with the children from other schools in the same tuition centre, so that you know your child’s performance in relation to other children who are not in his school. The teachers from the tuition centres maybe a MOE qualified teacher who has more experienced than home tutors who are normally university students.

Thus, each of these have their benefits. You need to weigh the pros and cons of each type of tuition. If you are not sure, you could start your child in tuition centre and evaluation if the learning style suits him. If not, then you can engage a private tutor instead.

from our experience, we have got all information about home tuition vs tuition center.  so Why must Home tuition :

Why Home Tuition?

This is one of the most frequently asked question by parents who are helping their children look for tuition. Cost wise, group tuition provided by tuition centres are often cheaper than that of home (1 to 1) tuition. However, apart from cost, home tuition provides many other benefits otherwise not found in group tuition.

1. Private tutoring, 1 to 1 attention

The main benefit of hiring a home tutor is the 1 to 1 attention that the student will receive from the tutor. This is very important since the student will be able to request the tutor to teach and ask any question to clarify any doubt which they may have any time they want to. It does not matter if the student is asking a week 10 syllabus question in week 5 or vice-versa since home tuition can be 100% personalized according to the learning pace of the student. Additionally, with a 1 to 1 tutor to student ratio, the tutor will be able to fully focus on the student’s weakness and apply the necessary tutoring needed to improve the student’s result.

2. Relevancy

Contrary to what many tuition centres believe, home tutor are equally if not more relevant than tutors found in tuition centres  If you look at the diverse group of home tutors available, student tutors make up the largest numbers. This group of tutors are fresh from their Secondary definitely understand the current school syllabus. The second largest group of home tutors available are full-time tutors, current or ex-teachers. Full-time tutors are professional tutors who teaches tuition for a living. They are by far the most experienced and committed group of tutors.

3. Less time wasted

Having graduated from the local educational system, we know the importance of time and what it can mean for the student.  Home tuition can help your child save hours of unnecessary travelling time which can be better used to revise their school work, get involve in CCAs or rest after a long day at school.

4. More flexibility, increasing the frequencies when it matters

Unlike the fixed timetables of a tuition centre  home tutors are often more flexible with their timing and you can easily integrate the student’s timetable with the tutor’s. More importantly, students can negotiate with their home tutors should they feel that there’s a need to increase the lesson frequency due to reasons such as incoming examination etc.

5. Sharing of real life experiences

Because home tutors are often student tutors or graduate tutors who have undergone the rigid educational system in Singapore, they will better understand what the student is going through and thus share their own schooling and even work experiences with the student. This would become very useful in the future since many students often seek the advice of their home tutors on decisions concerning their education.

Tuitions centres Vs Home tuition

Tuition has become an essential part of a child’s academic curriculum. In fact, tuition centres mint money out of students appearing for their public exams or board exams. And in many cases, not going to tuition becomes a taboo!

Tuition centres

Parents believe that in school their children lack the personal attention they deserve. Some children who are weak in certain subjects might find tuitions a boon. However, certain tuition centres might take advantage of the parents’ eagerness and willingness to spend a lot of money for their children and mint large amount of money. It thus becomes important that the parents look into the credibility of the tuition centres.

The following are the reasons why tuition centres are sorted after:

Tuitions provide an intensive competitive study environment for students who lack self-motivationThe time tested strategy of learning through writing tests works really well for most of the students who otherwise suffer from short attention span and difficulty in remembering or recallingThe synced additional study hours right after school help the student to understand and remember the daily lessons betterThe casualness of tuitions makes it easier for the students to open up and voice their doubts.Personal attention is provided to each student based on his or her strengths and weaknesses.

Home tuitions

In a home tuition concept, the tutor travels to the client’s home instead of taking classes at a tuition centre. The advantage from a client’s (parent and the child) point of view is that they do not have to travel (possibly difficult or impossible if the child is too young and the parents have odd working hours) and generally feel safer in their own home.

Tuitions centres Vs Home tuition

Tuition centres are more like extensions of a school classroom. The environment is conducive for competitive learning. It might involving travelling bit further from home.

On the other hand, home tuitions offer a comfortable ground for learning, under the watchful eyes of the parent. However, the child might not experience the same motivating competitive learning environment a tuition centre provides.

Students who lack self motivation and require extra effort with learning will find that tuition classes do have certain effect. The repeated tests, revisions and the ever-present competitive spirit among peers act as encouragement factor for the kids to strive better. However, students who are self-motivated to read their lessons everyday might find the tuition culture bizarre and even annoying.

It is always better that the parents take full effort to analyse the talents and weakness of their children before arranging tuition or the tutor. Arranging the tuition after analysis according to their talent and need will prove more fruitful rather than going in for an agency just for the sake of money discount.

the main points are parents always pay attention for your children, always give the best effort. De Solution always support it.


Administration ” De Solution ” Officer


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I've seen the future of folk and its name is Sally Campbell!

Ryan Campbell

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Historiography of Meiji Japan: Cullen Versus the Left
Here is another short guide to historiography for theIB Higher Level Asia option, this time focusing on Meiji Japan. Suitable teaching/learning activities have been suggested where appropriate. The usual caveats apply. If you are looking for teaching and le...
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Ryan Campbell

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Historiography of Meiji Japan: Cullen Versus the Left
Here is another short guide to historiography for the IB Higher Level Asia option, this time focusing on Meiji Japan. Suitable teaching/learning activities have been suggested where appropriate. The usual caveats apply. If you are looking for teaching and l...
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