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right. that's what i've been saying, there is no 'you' there, only 'i' here, 'i' and 'i' rastafarai, 'i' inside and 'i' outside of the micro/MACRO environments, since the universe has its centre everywhere and its circumference nowhere, now +here = nowhere, and, i am this i am, not US vs THEM, or, to translate, i am <3 i am, not US O:) vs THEM 3:) and there you have it, no 'you' in there. 8|
There is no consistent self. Here is why that's really okay.

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Could we actually be living in the Matrix? You might be surprised.

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In 1872, construction workers digging a hole for a fence post near the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee in New England found a lump of clay, with an egg shaped artifact inside it, six feet below the ground. Called the ‘Mystery Stone’, it is one of New Ham

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So. Oregon now officially becomes third state allowing legal recreational cannabis sales, the event was eclipsed by yet another psyop of supposed mass shooting which is obviously a detraction from the real news, not only in Oregon, but even more importantly, in California, where the law was passed for mandatory vaccinations, while the anti-vaccinating lobby to stop it with a referendum by collecting the necessary 360,000 signatures claimed to have had it done so with over half a million but the government stated that it only had received around 100,000 and thus the law goes into effect, something that no media reports, not even the so-called alternative.

Ron Paul is awfully quiet. I think the next president will be republican, Ron Paul perhaps, if not Jeb Bush, the elections are more than a year away and they are already talking about it. The show is on, by the looks of it, the puppet masters told Trump that he should push the anti political correctness and anti immigration as his gig, and so he is on his merry way, although not to the White House.

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The focus on women is incidental due to the fact that niqab is worn by women, if men were prescribed by a religion to cover themselves in a same manner then it would have been them the focus of secular society dealing with a controversy over the identity verification, situations when children are picked up from school, or at the citizenship ceremony, border crossing, courts, hospitals, etc.

Different occasions require the proper attire. Same is applied to the private sector and various industries where companies have their own dressing code and standards on what is deemed appropriate and safe.
The question is not much about the sexes but rather what a secular institution such as the government considers appropriate dress code which does not interfere with neither the rights of the individual nor the ability for the public officials to carry out their work according to the set protocols.

Thus it is a discussion, in theory, about the kind of accommodations , such as a dress code, that both the public and the private interests have to make in order to establish a symbiotic relationship between the group(s), i.e. governments, business, religions, and the individual(s), i.e. women, men, children.

The point is that regardless if one group requires for its members to be covered or it is a whim of personal fancy, women and men alike, the government, as any other institution, secular at that, has to find a way to satisfy its own demands for impartial representation of its members along with the necessary security procedures, thus if a particular group follows what is considered to be a repressive practice in the civil and democratic society it is therefore the government's duty to uphold the established popular social norms, morals, and ethics, and not to allow the repressive customs to be imported at the cost of personal freedom and dignity of the citizens, after all, religion is a matter of personal choice and should not dictate the public policy which effects all.

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Eric Dubay Flat Earth Veritas Radio Interview: Join me and Mel Fabregas of Veritas Radio for a discussion about the greatest deception in history, the mother of all conspiracies, NASA and Freemasonry's biggest secret, that Earth is flat, motionless, and the center of the universe. For more info visit the International Flat Earth Research Society:
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alright! the Universal Church starting to sound as such. O:)
Catholics should stop using condescending language such as "pity" toward homosexuals and find ways to welcome them as sons and daughters of the Church, bishops have told a major gathering on the family.

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Where the truth lies...

Better to be better.

The truth is circumstantial, what is true for one is not necessarily true for another, if a wheel spinning between two people, for example, for one the wheel is rotating clockwise while the other sees it revolving counter clockwise, thus the truth is in the eye of the beholder, so-to-speak, anyway, it is rooted in the here and now experience of the immediate reality, the body being the epicentre of it, representing the needs, which is the knowledge, that eventually with experience ferments into wisdom, one would hope so at least.

The believes, on the other hand, are the third party reports that fill in the rest of the perceived Big Picture about life on earth and the universe, similarly is our own subconsciousness fills in the rest of the information that our conscious mind is not focused on. However the third party reports are subject to trust, credibility of the source, which is, again, comes from experience. Some minds communicate with their bodies better than others, one has to conquer oneself, as Buddha said, there lies the truth of the middle way, the Golden Rule, of course one can only know where the middle is by first learning where the boundaries, extremes, opposites, dichotomies are.

In the dichotomy with truth, the lie is the intentional distortion of it, implying a conscious awareness of the actual state of the affairs, thus one can be dishonest with oneself about certain realities, for example various habits, etc, and of course, it is one of the Ten Commandments, "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour," with the eleventh of the New Testament, "This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you." 

So there we have it, the consciousness might be asleep, not aware, or in disguise, but the subconsciousness knows full well where and when the truth lies. After all, the name of human species 'homo sapiens' in Latin means wise man. The trick is to distinct the right from wrong, and if mistake is made then learn from it and move along.

i say sometime that i lie all the time, which would make the statement also a lie, but i already know my truth and the others have theirs, some truths are personal and some are shared. Some experiences are unique, rare, or frequent. What is true now for a sick person is not true for a healthy.

Lie is still knowing where the truth is. Once one knows it there is no going back to not knowing, it transforms the whole being -- the truth -- the consciousness knows it and can recognize it amid the lies and half truths. Therefore to lie takes too much energy and yields not much in return, unless of course it is done for good reasons, such as self preservation, or of others, hence the free choice and rational thinking required to make it worth while in the short and in the long run in mind.

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Nooo!!! 3:) well, he's all yours. O:)

"Yesterday defendants Pope Francis Bergoglio, Catholic Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Pachon and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby were found guilty of rape, torture, murder and trafficking of children. Five judges of the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels determined that the crimes occurred as recently as 2010. Since last March over 48 eyewitnesses have come forward to testify before this ICLCJ Court about the defendants’ activities as members of the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult."
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i am this i am, not us vs them. If good things can happen then good things will happen.
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i am this i am, not us vs them.

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The One Page Bible:

1. God - body/host i/all (on,off/0,1/=,!=/who: is/it) instinct, earth ☮, North, Iron/Blue/UV/Black Pleasure (sex) vs Pain (violence) Particle physics: Strong/Weak Forces, point, physical, matter, cycle, atom, solid, need, ego, child, silence, order.

2. Lord, Angels/Demons - mind i am/me vs us/them (+,-/why: what/that) intelligence, water ☯, East, Copper/Green/Turquoise Good (conscious, innocence, virtues+) vs Evil (unconscious, fear, sins-) Electro-Magnetism, high/low points projection, psychic, mental, curve, molecule, math, liquid, want, persona (mask), parent, responsibilities/rewards, knowledge vs believe, senses, plan/design, to know.

3. Spirit, space my/our (x,y,z/in,out/where: here/there) intuition, air ॐ, South, Silver/White/Yellow/Orange​ Peace (life) vs War (death) General Relativity, wave length (from crescent to crescent), recurring cycles, sound, guardian, gas, geometry, Order (in) Chaos (out), move/animate, E8 model, resources, execution, to dare.

4. Soul - time self/us (when: now/then) intent, fire ♥ West, Gold/Red Love (symbiosis) vs Hate (parasite) Quantum physics, frequency, use, rhythm, pattern, E8, plasma, Chaos, experience, to act.

5. center, seed, flower, fruit of life energy out of void/ether/zen: trope universe. "The universe has its center everywhere and its circumference nowhere."

>> 0. Conception - Birth (Seed of Life) 1. Freedom baby ☼ > 2. Unity Love child ♥ > 3. Beauty teen ☆ (Flower of Life) > 4. Wisdom adult ☯ > 5. Happiness mature ॐ (Fruit of Life) > 6. Peace of old age ☮ > 7. Death >>


the parents are the body (earth/matter) and the spirit (air/space), they are as old as the universe and are here to care for their twin children; the mind (water/senses), and soul (fire/time), who are as young as now and are here to play, to grow, to learn, and to have fun.


宇宙是为乐趣,地球是分享的地方。上帝-身体(地球),天使或者邪魔-头脑(水),精神-空间(空气),灵魂-时间(火) > 自由(婴孩) > 团结(孩子) > 秀丽(青少年的) > 智慧(成人) > 幸福(成熟) > 和平(老)。

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The universe is a playground and the earth is where we leaarn how to share it.
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