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Alexander Braun
good happens when it can. Live! Prosper! Be Well!
good happens when it can. Live! Prosper! Be Well!
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My top 11 music faves growing up:

1. Alla Pugacheva
2. Madonna
3. Stevie Wonder
4. Michael Jackson
5. Joe Dassin
6. Earth, Wind, & Fire
7. Boney M
8. Europe
9. Modern Talking
10. John Mclaughlin, Al Di Meola, Paco De Lucia
11. Kino

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Life Chess.

Iodine, pen on 12"x10" wood board. 2016.

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Love Is The Root Of All Evil & Good.


"What is Love? Love is the absence of judgement." ~ Dalai Lama

Not at all. The profane love maybe, not a true love. Dalai Lama is wrong about this one. i like him but just because he is a spiritual leader of some does not make him error free. Hence why spirits like I am around. The opposite is actually the truth, Love is enhances the sense of judgement, not weakens it. “Mind WITH the matter and reason WITH the emotion.”

When people are in love, they are judging each other even more, not less, because they care more. If they do not love someone, then they do not judge them as harsh. True that. They simply wouldn’t care that much about other people’s transgressions, if it does not involve someone close to the heart, would it be the self or the loved ones. With more empathy, there is more judgement, not less. With more awareness, same, more judgement, not less, for one knows better.

The blind love is futile and dangerous. Do not spill the pearls before the swine, it's a sin. Not every life is worth keeping and/or saving. Love is absolutely judgemental. As a matter of fact, the conscious mind is always ready to judge the right from wrong, what is good vs what is evil, what is appropriate or not, needed or not, wanted or not.

To stop judging is to die spiritually, the sloth being the deadly sin, the last one, after the anger climax, where the apathy sets in and no one is at the St. Peter's Gates, aka the pineal gland, the filtering of information from nonsense to what is important and should be paid attention to.

If there is no discernment of what is right or wrong, one needs an exorcism, i kid you not, as it is the MOST SEVERE of the spiritual diseases, when one is about to lose their soul FOREVER. All good God's souls should take a heed of it.

Love is the emotional feeling of time, the language of the soul, with which it is communicating with its consciousness (good Lord) -- the divine child, residing in the holy temple of the God of Hosts (body/world) and the Goddess of Life (nature/nurture) -- the divine parents, along with the Holy Spirit (the breath of life/space) -- the primordial forces), Love is the opposite of fear, as is care vs hate. Hope this helps.

Take altruism and old proverbs with a grain of salt, as in, if it didn't kill you, it will make you stronger. The hell it will, not if it has crippled one for life. Or, the early bird gets the worm. Well, then the second mice gets the cheese. While the good news comes in three, or third time is a charm, or an idiot, if one keeps making same mistake. Love is the root of all evil and good. If love emotion is misplaced. such as live of money & power.

i am <3 i am (single soul -- to be virtues requires oneself), not US O:) (the angels) vs THEM 3:) (the demons) (plural souls, to be sinful requires more than one, unless one is split within into conflicting parts, then sin against oneself is possible and will most likely occur.) In my notes one can find more on the metaphysics of spiritual language and well being.

Live! Prosper! Be Well!

The Last High Priest Of The Universe.

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