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AlphaHack 2015
Sponsored by Alpha Modus & IBM

November 9th
54 W 40th St, 
New York, NY 10018

Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!

Use Bluemix to create imaginative solutions to complex unstructured data problems that may help us find alpha.

Winners will receive cool prizes as well as the opportunity to work with Alpha Modus to commercialize solutions and earn royalties from sales.

Suggested Problem Set (Choose One):

1) Harvest the web (scrape web) to create a real time economic forecasting indicator using a Bluemix API. Examples would be something that measures (or even predicts) macro indicators like inflation, gdp, unemployment and manufacturing.

2) Parse sentiment in financial news/social media text and/or video and image content on the web using Bluemix to create a sentiment based indicator that can measure and/or predict market direction.

3) Analyze huge volumes of data to perform real time fundamental analysis on companies using public filings using Watson. Insight should be useful in identifying undervalued stocks or short sale candidates. An offshoot project may involve scanning regulatory filings in real time and cross referencing options markets to create an indicator that could flag potential insider trading activity.

4) Use Bluemix to create a polling tool that can be used to gather consensus opinion from alpha modus users about various topics like stock market direction, a stock's price or even a political election, a sporting event or new product release. Apply creativity in determining topics to poll. Then create an interactive real time visualization to display results of the poll.

Suggested Bluemix APIs to Use:
Alchemy API 
Concept Expansion and Insight 
Language Translation 
Personality Insights 
Trade Off Analysis 
Insights for Twitter 
Predictive Analytics 
Stream Analytics 
Data Cache 
Session cache 

Write your app in Node.js, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, Go or bring your own runtime.

Use a boilerplate for Mobile, Watson, Internet of Things (IoT), Node.js, Java or more.


9:00 am - Registration
9:30 am - Keynote Speaker / Bruce Weed of IBM
9:45 am - IBM Bluemix Overview
10:00 am - Alpha Modus Problem Overview
10:15 am - Hack begins
1:00 pm - Keynote Speaker during working lunch / Scott Shellady CME veteran and media contributor
5:00 pm - Announce Winner(s)
5:30 pm - Cocktail reception

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Alpha Modus Partners with Interactive Data Corp to Distribute Early Look Closing Imbalance Meter via eSignal Platform
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