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Deborah Green
Works at Four Feet Fotos - Pet Photographer and ProShow Animator
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Deborah Green

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Recent interest in the ProShow Enthusiast forum in how to make vertical swinging text using ProShow version 6 prompted me to try this without modifiers. I thought there might be some users here that don't visit that forum that might be interested in this tutorial.

I initially created an hasty example in this ProShow Presenter version.

Later, just for fun, I decided to try another example, but using a horizontal pivot. Briefly, if you tried the settings in the link above, it's very similar except that instead of using vertical tilt, horizontal tilt was used. The KF settings 2-6 are still set about .15 of a second apart between the swings except that KF 1 - KF 2 are separated by .25 of a second. The keyframe timing is the same regardless of the chosen center rotation point.

If the swing timing isn't quite to your liking, experiment with the tilt key frames and settings. It might be helpful to note the setting was halved after the first back-and-forth full swing in the example to get a feel of how you might want to make further adjustments faster or slower, more swing or less swing. You may prefer removing the 2 key frames with the -15 and 15 settings and which would decrease total key frames to 5 instead of 7. It just depends on how you want the end result to look like.

Due to ever changing captions, font, font size, alignment, etc, the center rotation point setting will likely need to be different each time the effect is created and for each layer. Use the scrubber to playback the action and make adjustments until you're happy with the results. Intuitive positioning of the center rotation point seemed to get easier the more I played with it.

Here are the sample settings so you don't have to write them down during playback:

In the example:

* Pivot = left side
* Alignment = center
* Font = Times New Roman
* Font Size = 30

Slide transition in and out: 1
Slide time: 3
Insert text layer and type "Swinging Text"
Text Settings: PAN 50/50
Use CUT on Text Layer KF 1 Transition IN
Rotation Ctr X: -20 across all key frames

Time Horizontal Tilt
KF 1 - 1.05 Cut --- 90
KF 2 - 1.30 -------- -30
KF 3 - 1.45 -------- 30
KF 4 - 1.60 -------- -15
KF 5 - 1.75 -------- 15
KF 6 - 1.90 -------- 0
KF 7 - end Fade --- 0


The fun little variations of the effect that appear at the end demonstrate text flip-swinging from top, bottom, left and right. For vertical swing, populate the vertical tilt settings with the KF settings above instead and set horizontal tilt settings to "0".

Hope that makes sense.

This technique is not restricted to just text layers. Try it out on image layers too! Having the tilt feature now in ProShow version 6 makes a page turn effect much easier to achieve than it was to create the effect years ago without the tilt feature.

Since there is no category for tutorials in this community, I'm not sure I put this in the proper category. Forgive me if I picked the wrong one....

Horizontal Swinging Text - A ProShow Producer 6 Tutorial
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Deborah Green

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RRUFF dog park in Rocklin CA recently opened their new agility equipment course!
+RRUFF RRUFF    RRUFF Dog Park in Rocklin, CA celebrated the grand opening of it's new #agility equipment on Saturday September 7th. This is just one of the photos Four Feet Fotos captured at the event that day.

Fletcher is a beautiful Doodle owned by Kellie Dawald from Johnson Ranch Pet Rehabilitation Center, (also located in Rocklin, CA), who demonstrated the equipment during the event.

To view the full gallery of photos for print and product purchase, click the link below:!i=2764057844&k=BxSxZ6Z

While an event photo can save you the cost of a session, a private lifestyle photo session provides more variety of image choices, less busy backgrounds, one-on-one time with less distractions. Consider booking a session with Four Feet Fotos while good weather is available for best photographing your furry family member.

#petphotographer #dogphotographer #dogportrait #dog  
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Thank you +Steven Kennard !
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Memorial Day activities at Mt Vernon Mortuary this weekend included a display of a Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall replica where visitors could honor the memory of those who pledged to support and defend the constitution of the United States and sacrificed their lives for this country to keep it free.

Never forget, freedom is not free.

#memorialdayweekend #memorialday #memorialday2013   #snapseed #picsaypro  
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Excellent Work Here!
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Deborah Green

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I don't usually have much current content for creating shows with this time of year. So I dug up and finished this quick show yesterday. Made with photos I took in June at an ongoing summer event last year I covered with partnering pet businesses and the restaurant where it was held.  It's a short 1 min 30 seconds viewing time.  #dogs  
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Really great show +Deborah Green . Well done I like it a lot.
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Deborah Green

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Need some rodent control? Here's a quickie slideshow to help promote adoption of semi-domestic working barn cats, which help solve two problems.  One, it provides room and board for homeless cats. Two, barn cats can reduce your rodent population!

About half of the images appearing in this were taken with my 5DII and the other half were taken with my cell phone.

Four feet Fotos is my pet photography business, serving the greater Sacramento area and parts of Placer, Yolo and El Dorado counties.
Adopt a few barn cats today!
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Having cats fixed keeps the cat population in hand else they can create their own problem. I prefer a minimal number of rodents than be overrun by them.
 : - )
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Deborah Green

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Freshly completed - This year's Bethlehem Village 2013 slideshow from last weekend's event held at Sunrise Community Church in Fair Oaks, CA. (Pictures and show by yours truly.)

There are a couple of video clips in this year's version. Last year we were completely rained out. This year we were almost rained out on Friday night but things turned out ok after all and the event was open all three nights. It was colder than ever. This is one of the best free annual Christmas events in the greater Sacramento area!

Bethlehem Village 2013
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 "Target", (a Tortoise Shell cat), is sitting next to a gift I made for my husband some years ago.  It's an altered board book with pictures and sentiments in it of some of the animals he's had since childhood.

Target has a sweet and gentile personality. Over the last year or so we figured out that she is now completely deaf.  She wasn't that way early on but somewhere along the way, she apparently lost her hearing. At least a few times a day, she can be heard meowing very loudly from some distant room, sitting all by herself, as if she's protesting something or scared perhaps.

© 2013 Deborah Green / Four Feet Fotos
(Taken with mobile phone, processed with Snapseed.)
#cat    #petphotographer    #catphotographer  
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Nice composition Deborah
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Deborah Green

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I'm happy to announce that +Four Feet Fotos , my Sacramento area pet photography business, will be participating in Yappy Hour days again this summer.

The monthly events this year are sponsored by  +Home Buddies Roseville La Provence Restaurant in Roseville and the +Animal Nutrition & Grooming Center .

Yappy Hour will take place on the 3rd Thursday of each month 5-7 pm from May through September 2013.  Call Home Buddies at 916-789-2002 to reserve a spot for you and your furry family member as space is limited!
#dogphotography #petphotography #dog #pet #Roseville  
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Woof!  Good Dog!!
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Deborah Green

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This is one of my favorites from the K9 Cancer Walk 2013 held in Elk Grove on Sunday April 28th.  Four Feet Fotos was there for a couple of hours to capture images of participants.
Prints can be purchase here:!i=2485856410&k=WfTPhPr

A number of people have contacted me to purchase pictures after their pet has passed away remembering I captured an image of their dog at a previous event. I’m always glad when I can provide what they want. But the best time to have a photo session done of your pet is now, before they get sick, while they’re still their happy, tail-wagging self. Private pet photography sessions held on your pet’s own domain provide more images and products to choose from without the time constraints, distractions, stress and busy backgrounds found at events.

Four Feet Fotos provides some of the best pet photography in the Sacramento area and we also serve parts of Placer, El Dorado and Yolo counties. #dog #pet  
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Thanks +Steven Kennard  - Yes, I find them delightfully photogenic and have never been disappointed in the pictures I get out of them.
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Deborah Green

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At the moment, I have 3 YouTube channels. But the one I upload to the most is geared toward my pet photography business, Four Feet Fotos.  I still have a Photodex album but don't upload there all that much anymore since mobile devices can't view that format.

Hope you enjoy the happy pics of Four Feet Fotos!
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I'm sure we will enjoy seeing these, Debbie. Please feel free to embed individual shows, too. Ones you are happy to share publicly, of course.
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Pet Photographer, ProShow Animator
  • Four Feet Fotos - Pet Photographer and ProShow Animator
    2006 - present
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Contact Information
Four Feet Fotos - Sacramento Pet Photographer and ProShow Animator
Deborah Green is a lifestyle pet photographer focusing on heartwarming pet portraits serving the greater Sacramento area and parts of Placer, El Dorado, Nevada and Yolo counties. This includes Auburn, Cameron Park, Citrus Heights, Fair Oaks, Folsom, Granite Bay, Lincoln, Loomis, Meadow Vista, Newcastle, Orangevale, Penryn, Rescue, Rocklin and Roseville.

In a nutshell, I make memorable pictures of four-footed family members of my clients that they can cherish forever!

Business name: Four Feet Fotos

Deborah also enjoys photographing other subjects from time to time such as nature, people and events. Those subjects are mostly reserved for personal projects.

** If you’ve circled me and would like me to add you to my circles (and I don't know you personally), this will help me decide one way or another.  I don’t follow people without reason.

1. Please use a real name or a professional name

2. Have your profile contain pertinent information about yourself.

3. Make some public postings.

4. Please don't add me just to market to me.

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Modern Dog Magazine contributing photographer - 2011 fall issue
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