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Day 22 in Peru - Fear and loathing in Las Piedras! 

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Day 22 - Fear and loathing in las Piedras.
Suddenly, everything is strangely silent. The sounds of
the jungle that have been a comfort to me for the past couple of weeks now sent
a shiver down my spine. Sat alone, around 5 kilometres from camp, unable to
walk, I started to become aware of every litt...

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One of the most important work that's being done in the amazon rainforest - working with local communities and children. Find out how I got on in Lucerna with the team at Fauna Forever.

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Day 19 - Happy Mondays
Today all the guys here at Pie arranged to take the boat down to Lucerna,
which is a very small community just down the river (people here often go down
on a Sunday to play football/volleyball with them – Sunday Funday, as I’ve
mentioned before!). Luix, one...

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Day 15 in the jungle. Frustrations and spears apparently go very well together!

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Day 15 - Spear of the moment.
This is now my third day of sitting, in pain, and unable to do anything. The situation with my foot is now really starting to effect me. No longer can I keep saying "2 days max, and I'll be back out in the jungle", the seriousness of my injury is starting t...

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I was lucky enough to experience some ancient jungle treatment while I was out in the Peruvian rainforest, thanks to my beaten and bruised ankle. 

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Day 14 - Jungle Treatment
Screw the NHS, I have Chiki and botanists. I'm told that certain leaflets and sap from a special tree has healing properties. Pedro, who
studies trees and plants, went out along with Hayley and Derio (an ex hunter, and jungle expert who is visiting Pie) to ...

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Day 13 - Super spy gone bad - how I managed to severely sprain my foot in the worst place in the world...
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