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Why can't we share calendar events on Google+ yet? Or can we? Can someone explain this to me?

I no longer see the little icon next to contacts in Gmail Chat as a video camera. It's a rocket motor to me. #WeHaveLiftOff #TPlusThirty

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For all you lovers of fun design and typography, be sure to check out this Kickstarter project from my friends. It's rad!

I got my Kindle Touch 3G today. It's rad.

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Poor Design or Lack of Planning?
I have to come clean, I am a Google fan. I enjoy their products - the usability, the availability, and the accessibility. However, there is one thing that bugs me about their vast array of products. I had hoped that this would be resolved with all of the face-lifts and redesigns they had been rolled out, but no, it has not been.

My issue with Google is that every product has a different height for their header (for example, the grey header in Google+, not the black bar). And they are only off by pixels, not even a lot of pixels. This means that it was either really deliberate or there has been no coordination. Either way, it appears to be a simple fix that they should force all separate entities to adhere to. Otherwise, I, the end-user, feels like they are fragmented. I am not too sure that is the message Google wants to convey. I feel like they want everyone to think that there is an eco-system between their products. And while the colors are the same, this one little piece of styling conflicts me. It reminds me of the "rant heard around the world" made by +Steve Yegge about the lack of a platform between different entities at Google. While the architecture of the systems is essential and critical, I think the design needs to be a "platform", as well.

Does anyone at Google have any explanations? Does anyone else notice things like this?

Please reshare so that I get at least one response from Google.

Here are the numbers (pixels) for each header of six different products:
Google+: 60px
Gmail: 57px
Docs: 58px
Calendar: 71px
Reader: 60px
iGoogle: 96px

NOTE: All heights were gathered at the same resolution.
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My favorite new app...Feedly. Check it out!

Hey Chrome users, question for ya? I have a friend that is having issues with Chrome. He is saying pages don't load correctly and video streaming is an impossibility, etc. He has the issue on 3 separate computers (I think they are all Macs). Any suggestions for him?

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My coworker made me aware that Adobe products are finally available on the Mac. Thanks buddy, I had no idea. ;)

Why is the Google+ app for iOS missing from the app store? Or is it? I can't find it anywhere!
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