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Content Creation & Contributor, Always Available Unless Otherwise Indicated.

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A weekend spent in sickness isn't fun.
the T button is falling off the laptop.
watched the Thing a bunch, feel good movie of my century.
Everyone wants to be MacCready, pretty sure I'd be Windows.
Should've taken the painkillers the doctor offered me but I'd rather not run the risk, pay the copay, and the pain itself is more of annoyances.

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Nothing like a productivity day spent yelling at cronies who messed up my taxes. Christ.
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At some point, when money is better, I really do want Pete & I to go back and revise some of our earlier issues and put out the whole thing in B&W with some screentones where appropriate because sometimes it looks good.

Scene from tomorrow's update for my webcomic, in which Beatrice goes to meet with Guy, their New Jersey/Quebecois Necromancer friend who she's sort of used as a proxy/puppet. They're not on great terms.

References to Pete for Guy were "Conan the Barbarian" "Pablo from Ash vs Evil Dead" and then using the same ofuda tags as from a previous issue. I feel kinda bad that Guy is getting written out in a few issues, but he is self-aware that he needs to fix his situation---a quality most people in our comic are unwilling to cop to.
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I forgot I was an extrovert. Productivity has been like pulling teeth in all the silence. And you generally expect a little noise when you pull teeth because that's how you know you got the damn thing out.

Tomorrow should be better, and the day after that certainly so.
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Bay of Morays & The Topaz Isles for a game I'm running tomorrow. Had to make a map, it is still super duper rough.
Party is:
A Lamarahki noble whose palace barge was brought to ruination by demons of the river. He was castrated and thrown into the service as a mercenary kshatriya to a poet Slugman in the Yellow City.

A Lamarahki river sage of the Goma people who was sold into bondage at a young age, and now an elderly woman serves the Whisper-Guild and the Library of the Divine Godhead.

And an adventurer from the sea, well-armed and well-loved, a pirate, a scourge, and a raider of tombs who is on great terms with smugglers and who is owed a favor by the Temple of the Ivory Teak.

They will be plundering an abandoned temple in the Old City as a means of gaining further favor with the Society of Ten Thousand Roads, who has promised each of them a step in the right direction their goals.

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I jot down little notes for Dolmenwood NPCs while on the subway and more and more of them have ties to High-Hankle, the seat of power in the High Wold mentioned back in Wormskin 2. It is a bit south of the Dolmenwood proper. I figured it'd make sense for me to make a map of it for my own malign purposes.

Baron Hogwarsh maintains rule in the keep on the north side of town, while the market of ill-repute he's allowed gather within the city walls and play at gang wars much to his own debauched amusement.

Outside of the city walls are Swineswitchel (Swine's-Switchel), the name of the relatively safer burgher district where importers and exporters deal in wine for their masters. There was never a wall, the whole thing is built upon reinforced mounds so as to keep it from sinking into the swamp of the Hameth-Winding's flood reach. The largest building in Swineswitchel is the Lord's Inch, the seat of the Municipal Guild of Crowners and Ilk, where the low bougies drink and count their coin. Though the Guild has gained wealth in busting smugglers and taxing all goods that enter the city with heavy tariffs they know it is only a matter of time before the community burns.

Lesser communities abound outside, though most have suffered ill fates as of late. Pestletown was burnt down in a drug war between Satanists, a Drune, and some manner of dwarf. It sits in ruins next to Swineswitchel.

Least-Hankle sits outside the city gates, though it is occupied now only by brigands, thugs who've had to settle in at their lord's commands, and tax collectors.

Besides Least-Hankle is Low-Crux, a series of tenement housing for refugees of northern skirmishes, indentured servants, and wood tramps. Baron Hogwarsh would burn Low-Crux down if not for the presence of the Church of His Ever-Lasting Judgement. Hogwarsh was baptized there and he fears the priest, a stern man who suffers no witch nor hedonist.

And north of Low-Crux is the small community of Hanklewine, which was once a fine vinters range but has suffered terribly since the fall of High-Hankle's nobility. Last year several warehouses and homes were put to the torch due to a visitor in Hogwarsh's court finding the taste of the wine unpalatable. They burnt many buildings, having forgotten which bottle it was by then; they were all quite drunk when the arson occurred.

Over watching all this godless horror on a southern hill is the Pest House, built a hundred years back during an outbreak of plague. Cursed to house those of ill will and those doomed to die; it now serves as a semi-abandoned and semi-haunted staging grounds for those who seek to kill Hogwarsh, his wizard corrupters, the Drune, and the bandits who turned High-Hankle into a place of sin. When the apple tree outside its window bares red fruit, they will strike.
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The terrible mistake of creating an NPC that uses tarot cards is that I have to detail 78 total results. I think I like tarot as much as I hate writing about tarot. Though I could chop it into a d30 (22 Major Arcana, 8 oc major Arcana) and a d50 of minor arcana cards with a few missing from the deck.

Or I could phone it in further and just have the randomizer be about what deck she is using and then have a d10 of the influence of said cards drawn from the deck; which would probably be the most useful route to go because it is vague, usable, and wouldn't have anyone up in arms about not being canon tarot.

God forbid I just have an NPC who slathers sigils in human blood. That shit is just about abstraction.
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Monday/Tuesday, do some hex drafts.
Finish some spells.
More research.
Make a map or two.

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Meant to post this yesterday, but here is my take on the woodgrue. I play up the revelry and weird musical angle, which can lead to some fun encounters given their power of mad revelry. Get the party to wax up their ears while the woodgrue does their lil'jig of debauchery.

I guess I was sick, because that was nearly 24 hours.
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