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Okay, I know this is incredibly stupid, but G+ wouldn't let me open an account linked to my primary email until just recently (it's a google apps account), and now that they will, they won't let me switch the G+ account I linked to an old, abandoned email to the normal one.

So I've decided to nuke the old account and start over before things get any more out of hand. If you want to still be my friend after all of this, please add the new version of me!

Warning, this account will self destruct in (I don't know, probably a couple of days). Sorry for the inconvenience, and for being a dope.

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One of my favorite books ever, plus it's like seven million words long -- it'll be the best two bucks you ever spent! (It's amazon's ebook deal of the day, so jump on it)

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Finally got the ZomBcon photostream working right on my blog. Includes a photo of me with Phoenix Jones, Guardian of Seattle!

We're at ZomBcon today, and booksare selling like hotcakes, yo.

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Good Monday morning, G+. Hope this gives you a laugh to start off your week.

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Researchers have discovered neutrinos that appear to be moving faster than the speed of light. Tons of independent verification still needs to be done, of course, but when asked how this might be possible, one of them stated (with an entirely straight face) that "there could be a cosmic shortcut through another dimension."

God I love you, science.
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