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Belleza americana.
1950 Chevrolet Styleline Deluxe Coupe.
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I am sharing a very special post. Very special for very many special reasons.  It is from my friend Jefferis Evans D'Angelis in Santiago, Chile. Jeff was born in 1938, and is the second oldest friend by age that I have. He has the unique distinction of being my friend who lives farthest from Chennai! 

Jeff just now has sent me the will of his great grandfather GIACOMO D'ANGELIS. Now, who was this Giacomo? First read his will, and then read about him.

This is the last will and testament of Giacomo D'Angelis.
Late residing on Mount Road, Madras, but at present residing in Rome. I hereby revoke all former wills and testamentary dispositions made by me and declare this to be my last will and testament.I appoint my son Carlo D'Angelis the executor and trustee of this my will. I am at present possessed inter alia Silks hotel Ootacamund, The Premises Know as Burnside Ootacamund, and a house in Narasingapuram. The Premises know as the hotel D'Angelis, Mount Road, I have sold, and out of the sale Proceeds Invest RS 100.000.( Rupees one lakh) on a Mortage of Landed property belonging to Mr Venkish.. I have give to my son Carlo D'Angelis Rs 100.000.( Rupees one Lakh) for the ssistance he has given me in carring on my late business. I I give Devise and bequeath all my properties Whatever and whenever my said son Carlo D'Angelis to convert the same into cash and out Procceds there to pay the follow Specific Legacies to the under mentioned Employees, Provided thy continue in the service of my son Carlo D'Angelis Who is know carryng on the hotel Business.
C Rajin Mudaliar Rs 2.500.
J Parkasharashi Mudaliar Rs1.000.
V Rangasami Naiker Rs 1.000.
D, Annamaliar Mudaliar Rs 750.
M. Murugesam Pillari Rs,500.
C Subramaniam Mudaliar Rs. 500.
Sundaram Chety Rs 500.
C Govindarayath Narder Rs 400.
C. Kamaram Mudaliar RS. 400.
After payment of just celebs, Funeral And Testamentary Expenses and the above Legacies, I direct said executor and Trustee to pay my Daughter Marianna D'Angelis R. s 100.000. or assign to her the said Mortgage executed by Mr. Venkaiah in my Favorite. I Direct my executor to hold in Trust for My Son Frank D'Angelis Who is An Invalid at Present at La Maison Nationale de Sante, Saint Maurice a Sufficient Sum Of the income of Which will be adequate to pay his Monthly Pension. The residue of my Estate I direct my Executor to Divide Equally Between him self the said Carlo Marianna D'Angelis my said Daugther and Louis D'Angelis.
The Trust Amount shall also be equally divided Among My three children afore said. In Witness whereof the said Giacomo D'Angelis Hash Hereunder sellado this hand at Rome This October 1919 G. DeAngelis.
Signed and Declaraid By the above Named Giacomo D'Angelis own the present at the same time Who in is Request in his presence of each other have subscribed own names must Sign. Examined Compared and carefully revisado Ans atestted attashed to a true Copy
Folio 6 Signed Mahadeva M. 
Assistant Registro
Original Side
Transcription Made by Jefferis Donald Evans D'Angelis.
Saturday 10 October 2015.

Coming back to my post:
I have taken some info from the net and most of it is from my correspondence with Jeff over many years. Though my good friends Sriram Venkatakrishnan and S. Muthiah have written much about the D'Angelis, I thought I must share this piece as Jeff is a person who is in touch with me nearly every day!

JEFF D'ANGELIS is the direct descendant of Giacomo D’Angelis, whose links to Madras date back to 1881. The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915) has this to say: "D’Angelis, Giacomo, Senior Partner, Messrs. G. D’Angelis & Son, Hotel Proprietors, Confectioners and Up-country Caterers, Madras; s. of G. Franceso; b. Messina, Italy, 1850; educ: Lyiee; apprenticed to Confectionary trade in France and was Confectioneer in the service of the Duke of Buckingham, and Chandos a former Governor of Madras; set up business, 1881; purchased the site where he is now carrying on his business over 20 years ago; improved his property by building gardens, etc. Address: Mount Road, Madras, India." 

THIS BUILDING IS THE CORNER BATA STORE (now closed) ON MOUNT ROAD ROUNDABOUT JUNCTION OF BLACKERS ROAD & WALLAJAH ROAD  with Annadurai's statue in the middle! The Golden medal was awarded to The Hotel D'Angelis , Madras, at the International Calcutta Exposition 1884.

See this link for a description of The Hotel D'Angelis I has posted some time back: 
Also visit this link for an article that appeared about D'Angelis Family in Madras Musings:

Here is another piece I found on the D'Angelis family. Makes interesting reading.
Giacomo, born in Messina 7th September, 1844, to Francesco D'Angelis and Anna Grillo. He came from a middle class family. Francesco owned a bookshop, and Anna was a housewife.
After high school, Giacomo travelled to France in 1864 to train as a confectioner.

There is a gap in the history then, but next he is reported as arriving in Madras in 1875 with the new governor, The Duke of Buckingham and Chandos, on whose staff he is said to have been. Certainly, during all the years he ( D'Angelis) spent in Madras, he was very close to Government House.
In October 16, 1880, he married Esther Jane Wilnel, believed to be Irish, in Coonoor. He was 36 and she 28. She is later always referred to as Wilme. Was Wilnel in the marriage records a mistake?

The D'Angelis had seven children, five of them born in Madras 1) Giacome D'Angelis Wilme born in MADRAS ( AUGUST 1881-DECEMBER 1881) and buried in Purasawakkam, Madras. 2) Anne Violet (1844 - death unknown) 3) Francesco D'Angelis 1886- death unknown. 4) Carlo D'Angelis 1887- death 1920 5) Antoine Henry D'Angelis born in France 1885 6) Marianna Elise D'Angelis, born in Madras 1892 death in London 1977 who was baptized in Ooty,  and 7) LOUIS D’ANGELIS WILME  who alone was not born in Madras but in Paris in 1889. He died in Santiago de Chile, in 1964. He was my friend JEFFERIS EVANS D'ANGELIS' grand Father.

When the Duke of Buckingham left Madras in 1880, Giacomo D'Angelis stayed on in the city and opened his confectionary business, The Maison Francaise, specializing in French and Italian Pastries, and Chocolates, that year. Thereafter, he considered Madras his home. But he loved travel and Turin, Italy was probably a stop- his last one during a holiday he died there circa 1934.

D'Angelis, in many ways a French at heart, was inspired by Bleriot's July 1909 Cross- CHANNEL FLIGHT and was determined to introduce Madras to aviation. In MARCH 1910, HE PILOTED A MADE IN MADRAS airplane, using the island grounds on Mount Road as his airstrip. The only dispute is who built that first airplane. Addison or Simpson's?

Maruthamuthu Moopanar ( Tanjore Landlord) shot this event using a hand-cranked camera running at speed 0f 16 frames/ second against (today we use 24 fps), D'Angelis Pioneering Flight and later screened it in Madras and Tanjore. It must also noted that The Giacomo D'Angelis who lived in Madras till his death was considered by many to be a French. Giacomo in fact, was thought to be a Corsican. This was probably due the fact arrived in India from France. But Giacomo did not seem to have particularly disturbed by the fact he was considered more French than Italian.
Connections with France had a great influence on the Family.

Louis D'Angelis Wilme (The last of the children of Giacomo D'Angelis migrated to Chile in 1923.
The original name of Giacomo is DE ANGELIS (in Italy)
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