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Simon Bridge
I am aware that my present position will create a natural doubt of the authenticity of my narrative.
I am aware that my present position will create a natural doubt of the authenticity of my narrative.


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Cold night in my new house...

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Dawn at Kennedy Point slipway.
Good morning Morning... what a great day to be alive. I'd even go so far as to say its a great day to be awake...

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All relationships work better when there is an “equal” exchange of energy. When a relationship drains someone, for whatever reason, there is an imbalance of energy. And this can only lead to a chain of power games. When manipulation and one-upmanship rear their ugly heads, people play external games to gain external power and feel internally complete. Thus is attention diverted from the real cause of the pain and void that exists within us.

Spiritual relationships with all beings come from the place of an open heart, of love. When love is lacking, all interactions are based on ego, an exchange, an expectation for reciprocity; hence from a closed heart which is fearful. There is no depth in such relationships as they are superficial and can crumble under a slightest disappointment. Soul to soul meetings are always a free flow of love.

I notice that labour has started polling well with young men without girlfriends ...

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Mum died earlier this week...
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It's been a while since this story broke and I put in my 2c... There's quite a lot of variety and still lots of misunderstandings that it's probably worth a doco. I got the camera and training... I did have a sex worker prepared to put a face to the thing too but stuff happened.

I was thinking in terms of collecting stories, with an aim to educating people about how the NZ system works at the different levels ... sort of a what to expect thing.

Most people would have to be anonymous - but it's dead in the water without a face. <sigh>
My attention was drawn to this NZ Herald investigation:
... a deal as per headline is straight prostitution, and it strikes me that anyone naive enough to go for such a deal simply needs an education.

The rent they are saving is worth some hundreds of dollars a week.
Someone new to the industry, young, attractive, as the article kinda implies these "victims" are, can make that kind of money in a few hours in an inner-city brothel. Sex Workers who know their stuff can make thousands a week over the summer period ...
When people know they can make three or more times their rent and bills it's tricky to see how anyone would get coerced through desperation into sex for rent type deals.
On the other hand - brothel work comes with it's own disadvantages ... like having to provide sex services for multiple clients to make the money while sex for rent you only have to deal with one.
Anyway: some people prefer to stick to a small number of regular clients who they know well. Anyway - does the Herald really want us to believe that nobody has ever moved in with each other for the sex? Or is it only OK if both parties pay all bills equally? What are they saying?

Moving in with a wealthy man and so living rent and expense free for a time, and keeping him happy with sex, is a living women have pursued for thousands of years. The ads, seen in that light, can as easily be men saying they are quite happy with that sort of arrangement if you are a woman who wants to pursue it. Neither party need mislead the other or misrepresent what they are after.

#ingress wow, 10 portals added under my codename and still going. Shame the badge is no longer active.

New phone... galaxy s7 edge.
1st thing is move contacts... Google says no phone contacts to such.. . Huh ?
Online there is a lot of confusion and not finding history that include troubleshooting... that usually means the fix is trivial and something you can do by accident so I explore...
... access gmail to see if it brings up contacts, And it asks to enable contacts suggestions. Once enabled, all contacts are available to the phone too.

Thunder all around me - loud enough to feel shuddering through my tissues. Heavy rains started a few minutes ago, driving me inside.

Kidney stone pain continues ... there's two of them on the CT scan, but they are small - they should have passed by now.
This means I GP visit - adjusted meds for more long term pain management - and an upcoming consult with a renal specialist.

I was using paracetamol and ibuprphen with tramadol as a standby (I hate the trammies - I will endure rather a lot of pain before I'd take one.) One of the issues with this is waking up every 3-4 hours in pain.

Now using paracetamol and codien with naprosyn... trammies still on standby.
That worked really well yesterday, but just now I am getting huge waves of pain and there's another 6 hours before my next dose.

Dosing early ... if I find myself needing the trammies, I'm headed to hospital.
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