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Server Sent Event Processing in Spring MVC 4.2
In a previous post  I spoke about the features Spring MVC 4.2 has from Streaming Request Processing. I have discussed how we can StreamingResponseBody to send large data asynchronously in a streaming manner.  In this post I am planning to talk about SseEmit...

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Spring Web Flux - The Non Blocking Asynchronous Functional Reactive Web Framework - 2
Spring Web Flux Framework can be used with its latest Release Candidate Release 5.0.0.RC3 if you want to try it out. You just need to add the Spring Milestone Repository in your gradle or maven file. I have written the following service which emulates a del...

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Spring Web Flux - The Non Blocking Asynchronous Functional Reactive Web Framework - 1
Spring has a very diverse eco system of projects from Batch Jobs to Web Security. The best part of Spring project is that they are always ahead of time and do innovative work which sometimes are adopted by the Java Platform itself. For Example the @Autowire...

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Java 9 : Future 3
Why is a module path better than a class path?  Class path  Class path can get in trouble when multiple classpath elements contain the same package  Class path is searched (linearly) every time a new class is requested  Module Path  Modules form a partition...

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Java 9 : Future 2
This is a continuation of Java 9 : Future 1  Post Modules enforce Strong Encapsulation as we discussed in the previous post. Now a Package is not public by default to all other modules unless it is explicitly exported in the Module Descript...

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Java 9 : The Future 1
There is much so talk and hype about Java 9 and its features. There are so many posts about Java 9 and specially on Java 9 Jigshaw or Modules. As a Java Developer for almost a decade now, I was really cautious and concerned about the new features of Java 9 ...

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I have been quiet for sometime and didn't write much because I was busy building . This is a platform for Sri Lanka IT Industry Experts and New Comers, Prospective New Comers to come together and share knowledge, expertise and best ...

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My Visit to Belgium and Europe
was invited by my Client in Belgium (Immoweb) for an On Site visit to
their Head Quarters in Brussels, Belgium. This was a dream come true
for me as I have been wanting to visit Europe since I was a Teenager.
I was invited by the CTO as he was about to le...

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Spring data JPA with dynamic where clause
It may be a Common Use Case where you need to dynamically submit a WHERE Clause to a Spring Data Repository to get an Entity instead of Writing findBy* methods or @Query annotated methods. You can do the following; import org . springframework . data . jpa ...
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