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Mark Dunham
Stroke survivor and a Elected Official in Idaho serving on the Board of the College of Western Idaho.
Stroke survivor and a Elected Official in Idaho serving on the Board of the College of Western Idaho.

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Is Brain Injury to Blame?
There is a great organization  called "BrainLine" which has resources  and articles . I often read the information. Last week, a woman did a blog post about her husband's brain injury . For me, it hit me close to home. Here is the link:  http://www.brainlin...

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Sensory Overload
I have not posted for a long time. Life is getting in the
way. In a good way most of the time! I have joined many Facebook groups dealing
with “brain attacks.” One of my favorites is the “ TBI Life Coach. ” I am posting
this whole article because it is very...

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Flooding and Toe Strokes
Recently I discovered something
called “flooding.” After a stroke, “flooding” is common. What is flooding? A
great website ( )
explains what I still go throu...

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Internet Trolls, the College of Western Idaho, and public vs. private
Finally, "Social Media" has finally affected me “personally.”  The phenomena “Internet Trolls” has come to
roost on my social media presence.  I use
the term “personally” because my social media presence is public despite my
efforts to make private.  I am a...

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Fatalistic nature or just life?
I have not updated my blog for several
weeks. “Life” gets in the way. “Life.” Sometimes, “life” is just a word. The
text book definition of “life” is “ the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from
inorganic matter, including the capacity for gro...

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A lot of people have been asking me about the
CWI elections including my race and the CWI Bond Election. Before I comment,
here is some background. At CWI’s inception in 2007,
Boise was the last metropolitan area in the country lacking a community
college. ...

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Disenfranchised disabled voters, strokes, and aphasia
I voted early. I have always voted on Election Day since I
cast my first vote for Ronald Reagan when I was 18 years old.  That was the 1980
election. I could not stomach another four years of Jimmy Carter's inept presidency and "malaise."   I wanted to vote...
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