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More religious countries tend to be less innovative
"MORE religious countries tend to be less innovative, according to a paper published last month by America’s National Bureau of Economic Research. In “Forbidden Fruits: The Political Economy of Science, Religion, and Growth”, Roland Benabou of Princeton and...

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Hike HongKong now has a Facebook page!
Dear all,     I was told that creating a Facebook page was "the thing to do" so, in order to increase the reach of HikeKongKong, it is now done. I will start putting my top10 hikes there, as well as linking to some of the most interesting hikes from my blog...

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Returning to the obscurity where she came from...

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35% OFF promo code MYFRIEND, good through 3/12/2017

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Harmonizations in a globalized world...
Change can sometimes be risky. But fear of change, just because it is unknown and different, is just plain stupid. Metric System " The usage of the metric system varies around the world. According to the US Central Intelligence Agency's   Factbook   (2007),...

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#smartwatch #amazfit #firmwareupdate

Pace Firmware (v1.3.1m) Release Note:

Added three Sports Modes: Bike, Bike Indoor, and Run Indoor
Supporting watch face customization
Added Airplane mode
Updated GPS firmware to v2.84
Optimized Heart Rate, Pace, and GPS route algorithms
Optimized activity data sync process
Supporting metric (km) / imperial (miles) unit switch
Fixed translation issues

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Ho Pui Reservoir (河背水塘), then Lui Kung Tin (雷公田)
Duration:   3 hours, 10km . Difficulty: 2/10. Mostly flat Cel phone coverage:  Mostly everywhere Water needs:  1 liter Appreciation:  7/10.  The loop around the reservoir is nice. Road walk afterward is average. Milk Farm has friendly goats, and good milk! ...

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