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I design and make stuff.
I design and make stuff.

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I tweeted this +Niantic Project and +Pokémon GO.

Could Niantic / Pokemon Go help with voter turnout on Nov 8 by turning every US polling station into a Pokestop or a Gym? Could there be a special badge you could earn? Might there be a rare Pokemon you could capture only at polling places on Election Day? How might we rock the vote with Pokemon Go and supercharge our democracy?

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+Gundolf Graml Doing research on trends in educational pedagogy for a project I'm involved in and came across these. Thought of you. :D

Any thoughts or comments?

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Recreating photos in the style of famous artists

In another example of how Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) can be used to create interesting works of art, a group of German researchers have released the paper, A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style (, that introduces a system that renders an input photo in the artistic style of a given piece of art while preserving its overall content.

In their paper, the authors describe how the representations of content and style in their Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) are separable, making it possible to use neural representations to separate and recombine content and style of arbitrary input images. To learn more, read the full paper. For access to their algorithm, visit

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Most migrants headed for Germany
Informative illustrated page of where migrants want to go in Europe. Basically, they all want to go to Germany.

For more info:

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An in-depth look at the new Google brand identity. 
Animated Photo

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You can now connect Android Wear watches to iPhones with a new iOS companion app. Android Wear for iOS includes many familiar features such as Google Now, voice search, and notification syncing, so you can have a great Wear experience with an iPhone.

What developer features are supported?
If your iOS app posts notifications, those notifications will automatically sync over to your Android Wear watch via ANCS, so the most important information from your app is always a glance away on your wrist.

What developer features are not supported?
It’s not currently possible to distribute native Android Wear apps to Wear for iOS or enhance your notifications with actions for Android Wear. We'd love to make this functionality available to developers in the future if it becomes possible.

Note: there is a small selection of watch faces available for download in the iOS companion app, however this is separate from the Google Play developer experience and it’s not possible to apply to be included in this list at this time.

We hope you enjoy using Android Wear with iPhones. To learn more about Android Wear for iOS, check out our blog post, and follow me for updates!

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We found that ice covering Greenland is melting faster than previously thought. The action is happening out of sight, below the surface: #EarthRightNow

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"""There is a lack of political willingness to undertake a complete redesign of the Whitehall institution. It needs complete reform. But the current system suits too many people and parties that have spent years building themselves a power base within Whitehall from which they can make money. The status quo is a comfortable place."""

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