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The Gender Neutral Shit house

All ideological systems must die....
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The age of the Cam
People are addicted to social media. I've never been addicted to it myself, but since I have websites I'm involved with it. I've recently got involved with adult cam sites. I've never messed with the on line porn business but after seeing that people are po...
People are addicted to social media. I've never been addicted to it myself, but since I have websites I'm involved with it. I've recently got involved with adult cam sites. I've never messed with the on line porn business but...
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Finding a good web host is hard
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It works... which sadly seems hard to find these days. Try it for free, get to know it, use the free version forever if you like. The paid version has 6 times the indexing power
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I like to think about a person's circumstance / reasoning for doing / not doing things .. to listen to them .. but then go deeper in understanding their own biases.. why they may have developed - all of the numerous factors. ...
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good read
Why Evolution is Not What You Think - The Ebner Effect: The Controversy Over Darwin Played a Crucial Role in Jolting the American Public Into the World of Science in the mid-1850's / But, there's at Least One More Big Surprise Coming on the Subject / The Next Big Step in Evolutionary Biology Will Explain Junk DNA, Epigenetics and the Cambrian Explosion at Once / It Will Remove Any Need at All for Lengthy Timespans to Explain Dramatic Evolutionary Changes / And it Will Forever Alter Our Conception of the Role of DNA in Evolution / The Experiment Which Demonstrates it is So Simple that It Will Inevitably Become Popular as a Grade School Science Fair Exhibit

No Other Scientific Controversy Better Demonstrates a Need for Public Awareness of Scientific Controversies

Here we have an enormously useful biological tool, but since it does not help to prove the textbook theories, scientists have largely failed to notice; and since it undercuts simpler business models, corporations have abandoned it.

To better understand the Ebner Effect (sometimes called the Primeval Code), it's important to learn a few key concepts in biology ...

The Riddle of the Cambrian Explosion

"The earliest rocks with elaborate fossils are said to belong to the Cambrian age, and the entire 4-billion-year history of our planet that preceded it has been, until recently, dismissed as the 'pre-Cambrian age.'  Now that the traces of life have unmistakenly been found in it, the more appropriate name of 'Cryptozoic eon' (Greek for 'hidden life') is used, while the last 600 million years make up the 'Phanerozoic eon' ('visible life') ...

The division between the Cryptozoic eon and the Phanerozoic eon is extraordinarily sharp. At one moment in time, so to speak, there are no fossils at all above the microscopic level, and at the next there are elaborate organisms of a dozen different basic types." (Asimov's Guide to Science, Isaac Asimov, p761)

Junk DNA - Not So Useless After All

By Alice Park
Sept. 06, 2012

"Junk. Barren. Non-functioning. Dark matter. That’s how scientists had described the 98% of human genome that lies between our 21,000 genes, ever since our DNA was first sequenced about a decade ago. The disappointment in those descriptors was intentional and palpable.

It had been believed that the human genome — the underpinnings of the blueprint for the talking, empire-building, socially evolved species that we are — would be stuffed with sophisticated genes, coding for critical proteins of unparalleled complexity. But when all was said and done, and the Human Genome Project finally determined the entire sequence of our DNA in 2001, researchers found that the 3 billion base pairs that comprised our mere 21,000 genes made up a paltry 2% of the entire genome. The rest, geneticists acknowledged with unconcealed embarrassment, was an apparent biological wasteland.

But it turns out they were wrong. In an impressive series of more than 30 papers published in several journals, including Nature, Genome Research, Genome Biology, Science and Cell, scientists now report that these vast stretches of seeming 'junk' DNA are actually the seat of crucial gene-controlling activity — changes that contribute to hundreds of common diseases ...

Rather than being inert, the portions of DNA that do not code for genes contain about 4 million so-called gene switches, transcription factors that control when our genes turn on and off and how much protein they make, not only affecting all the cells and organs in our body, but doing so at different points in our lifetime."

Epigenetics is Trait Variations Caused by Environmental Factors

From an intelligent design site at [with my own commentary ...]

Redwood trees’ genes differ from top to bottom
July 10, 2011

"From 'Environs Prompt Advantageous Gene Mutations as Plants Grow; Changes Passed to Progeny' (ScienceDaily, July 5, 2011) we learn:

'If a person were to climb a towering redwood and take a sample from the top and a sample from the bottom of the tree, a comparison would show that the two DNA samples are different. Christopher A. Cullis, chair of biology at Case Western Reserve University, explains that this is the basis of his controversial research findings.

Cullis, who has spent over 40 years studying mutations within plants, most recently flax (Linum usitatissimum), has found that the environment not only weeds out harmful and useless mutations through natural selection, but actually influences helpful mutations.

Cullis published his findings in the International Journal of Genetics and Molecular Biology and repeated them in the Journal of Visualized Experiments, where he challenged other scientists to repeat his experiment themselves.'

Cullis’s theory was originally dismissed on the assumption that plants pass on their genes the same way animals do, but that may not be correct.

Factoid: 'Young redwoods grow by the tips of the existing branches budding into meristems. Each new meristem is different from the tree because the environment has affected its genetic makeup. And as the redwood grows, the top becomes more and more genetically different from the bottom ...'

If this holds up, the world of life is not what we thought and not what we’ve been taught."

They are correct about that.

"Are plant genomes a living template, subject to revision as need arises, rather than a cement cast?"

Seems like it.

"But what decides when the need arises? Some forward look must be built into the system in advance."

Yes, and it's called ...

The Ebner Effect

The story of the Ebner Effect has all of the makings of a movie -- one that is still actually unfolding: There is the great unexpected scientific discovery; there is the company which abandons the investigation, seemingly because the discovery would undermine their profits; then, accordingly, a great lull in public awareness and even a sense of apathy, as the world struggles to realize the implications of what has been discovered.

Yet the idea does not completely die because the scientists' children launch a public campaign to raise awareness, seize the patent, and today seek to give the discovery -- free of charge -- back to the people of the world, to help increase crop yields without recourse to genetic engineering.

In a world that changes only gradually, Darwin's version of evolution makes perfect sense.  So, if genetics which are presumed to be millions of years old can be produced at once with a simple electrostatic field, then evolution no longer seems like a linear process.  What the Ebner Effect will do to Evolutionary Biology will somewhat resemble the effect that quantum theory had upon physics: An area which was thought to be understood will suddenly be thrown into disarray.  But, as the public comes to realize that Junk DNA is most logically the genetic memory of our planet's former states, the world will once again be jolted -- this time into the realization that if we wish to settle the remaining medical mysteries of the human body, then we have no choice but to follow the science wherever it leads us.

The Ebner Effect enters the debate over evolution at a stage where many minds have already been made up.  And the great irony for Our "Information Age" will prove to be that much of what stands in the way of an explosion in the medical sciences today is the insistence by those who have most vocally defended evolution that we have already fundamentally understood it.

The Ebner Effect conclusively demonstrates that we have not.

"Can the global food problem at last be solved – without using genetic engineering? In his new book the 'Primeval Code' (Munich 2007) Swiss journalist Luc Bürgin unveils the secret of a sensational biological discovery at the pharmaceutical giant Ciba (now Novartis), which unfortunately has been ignored by the experts up to the present day. In laboratory experiments the researchers there Dr. Guido Ebner and Heinz Schürch exposed cereal seeds and fish eggs to an 'electrostatic field' – in other words, to a high voltage field, in which no current flows.

Unexpectedly primeval organisms grew out of these seeds and eggs: a fern that no botanist was able to identify; primeval corn with up to twelve ears per stalk; wheat that was ready to be harvested in just four to six weeks. And giant trout, extinct in Europe for 130 years, with so-called salmon hooks. It was as if these organisms accessed their own genetic memories on command in the electric field, a phenomenon, which the English biochemist, Rupert Sheldrake, for instance believes is possible.

The Swiss pharmaceutical group patented the process – and then stopped the research in 1992. Why? Because 'primeval cereals' generated by an electric field, in contrast to modern strains of seeds, require hardly any fertilisers or pesticides – i.e. crop protection agents, sold as priority products by Ciba at that time. The discovery was soon forgotten, without the global scientific community taking any notice.

In collaboration with the researchers involved – or rather their sons, in this book, the author has for the first time now disclosed in detail how the principle of this revolutionary bio-experiment works. Previously unpublished research reports, 64 exclusive photos, English-language patent specifications and interviews document the 'Primeval Code' in all its aspects.

Nevertheless many scientists who think along conventional lines may remain sceptical about this inexplicable biological effect. But now for the first time, renowned German expert botanists such as Professor Edgar Wagner of the University of Freiburg and Professor Gunter Rothe from the University of Mainz make positive statements about it in the book. Rothe even had replicated the Ciba experiments in detail at his university in 2001 – and was successful. And also for the first time, even a Nobel laureate – the world-famous Swiss microbiologist Werner Arber – is [defending] this controversial discovery. Back then, Arber had given an expert opinion on the Ciba experiments in person in the laboratory. The professor said to the author: 'I was impressed!'

Indeed, Guido Ebner and Heinz Schürch appear to have discovered a biological method of effectively creating antecedents from progeny – without using genetic engineering. Or as both researchers put it: 'Our experiments do not involve a mutation of the organism in question, which in the case of genetic engineering involves channelling an additional gene into the organism. No entirely new organism is created. In the electrostatic field, only the gene expression is altered – the retrieval of the existing gene. That is something different.'

In addition to corn and trout experiments, the results of experiments with wheat were also amazing: thus the cereal exposed to the electrostatic field developed new proteins, which people looked for in the original wheat to no avail. Furthermore, it surprisingly produced much larger roots than the control group. This had the advantage of allowing the crops to grow far more rapidly. And occasionally in these experiments, a variant emerged which resembled the genetic antecedents of the wheat. Thus, a meadow grass-like arrangement of ear shoots and small narrow leaves was observed, for example.

'In the case of our 'manipulated' wheat, growth was so rapid that it was ripe in four weeks instead of the usual seven months', Heinz Schürch recalled. 'However one has to say that although the ears and stalks were somewhat smaller, there were more ears per plant. The actual benefit is that we could cultivate this wheat in regions where spring and summer are short – where conventional wheat cannot be grown at all.' In this case, one can also cheerfully refrain from using pesticides and herbicides: 'The pests that have adapted to the growth process of normal wheat have not yet developed when we harvest our wheat as early as four to eight weeks after planting.'

The Third World in particular could benefit from this method of cultivation that is both environmentally friendly and inexpensive. For 'primeval cereals' from an electric field yield more than modern genetically engineered varieties and do not require fertilisers. Furthermore, it is completely natural and thus healthier. It can be grown by anybody at minimal cost.

After Guido Ebner and Heinz Schürch both passed away unexpectedly in 2001, their experiments were continued by Guido Ebner's son, Daniel – himself a biologist – on a private basis. He now wants to export this electric field technology to Africa as soon as possible, as part of an aid project, with the assistance of the former assistant to the UN Food Representative, Professor Jean Ziegler, in order to make it available to local farmers – free of charge, as an ecological alternative to the controversial genetically engineered seeds of the international agro-multinationals."

How to Make Extinct Trout

From the original patent:

EC: A01K61/00G
IPC: A01K61/00 // (IPC1-7):A01K63/00

Specifically, in the practice of this invention, tanks (aquaria) filled with freshwater or saltwater and containing the fish or eggs, and consisting preferably of electrically non-conductive material (insulator), are placed between the electrodes of a capacitor.

A direct current voltage of one to tens of thousands of volts is then applied to said electrodes. Instead of using the non-conductive aquarium material, it is of course also possible to use electrodes which are provided with an insulating layer and to immerse these electrically insulated capacitor plates direct in the tanks.

Of sole importance is that the electrodes of the capacitor are insulated against the freshwater or saltwater acting as dielectric medium. As no currents flow in this apparatus, no perceptible loss of energy is observed. Hence energy is not a cost factor in this invention.

Firstly, a substantially higher hatching rate of the treated fish eggs is observed, with frequently an increase of 100 to 300% and even higher values being achieved. Secondly, these juvenile fish make a far more agile and more vital impression than the untreated comparison fish.

Very significant is their markedly higher survival rate which extends not only to their first few days, but virtually to their entire life cycle. This feature becomes all the more marked if all medication is dispensed with. For it is then observed that, in the first few days and weeks, the untreated control group (not exposed to an electrostatic field) is at least twice as heavily reduced by the non-artifically inhibited and naturally occurring population of pathogens as the fish that have been exposed to treatment with an electric field.

In addition, the treated fish, while receiving identical feeding, grow in weight and size far faster and reach adulthood significantly earlier, and hence can be transferred to natural waters or are available for marketing as edible or ornamental fish. Further, no deleterious changes in the progeny of these treated fish are observed. On the contrary, a certain element of the vitality seems to be transferable to the progeny."

"The Aftermath

Being heavily invested in the agriculture business, Ciba Geigy reviewed the test results, filed a patent and completely stopped the research in 1992 - cancelled without substitution - prohibiting imitation or replication for any commercial purpose. Previously, all attempts of the two scientists to publish their discovery in scientific journals were unsuccessful, leaving them no other choice to finally announce it in a popular familiy Tv-show in Switzerland.

With the exception of a few news articles, including a german news magazine that admirably dedicated a section of its documentaion on the conflicting business interest of Ciba Geigy, the announcement was mostly ignored or in some cases ridiculed by the scientific community and soon forgotten by the public.

The Basel-based chemical giant, sells agricultural products at about 22 billion Swiss Francs annually (late 1980's) ...

Statement Press Office, Ciba-Geigy:

'Ciba has given up by now all these studies, there have been no further scientific work undertaken in this area because they can not be assigned to one of the priority research areas of the company. For this reason, the research industry in many, many interesting approaches in exploratory projects will be dropped.'

Daniel Ebner, Guido Ebner's son, continued the experiments on a private basis and was able to acquire the right for the patent a few years ago and has subsequently released it to the public for any kind of use and purpose (including commercial) free of charge. The electrostatic field-method or Ebner/Schürch Effect is now open-source technology."

Why Americans Have So Far Largely Failed to Catch On

There is currently no English translation of the one single book written on this subject ...

As of recently, digital copies of the text have appeared on the Internet -- which means that, for the first time ever, it is finally possible to send the book through Google Translate.  I've not found this to be sufficient to understand certain key sections.

For this reason, I have a German speaker who is helping me to translate a handful of pages which explain the authors' views on the underlying science.

In the coming days, I will post these translated sections, as they become available.

Where to Purchase the Device (It's Not Cheap)

Instructions on How to Build the Device

See the video at

"It is very simple to duplicate.  You have sheet metal enclosed in plexiglass, two pieces, with some kind of arrangement to hold them a short distance apart.  They used an applied voltage of 2150 volts with a 3 cm spacing between plates to get a field strength between plates of 716 V/cm.  Any high voltage DC source of the proper voltage will do."

#evolution   #biology   #uniformitarianism  
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