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Jerry Low
Geek dad. SEO junkie. Pro-blogger. Founder and Editor at Web Hosting Secret Revealed (WHSR).
Geek dad. SEO junkie. Pro-blogger. Founder and Editor at Web Hosting Secret Revealed (WHSR).


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+Coca Cola website in 1996.

I like the simplicity of the design very much.

Interesting post to read: The History of The Coca-Cola Company's Website

Enjoy! :)

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On the rise of AI, are we going to see a captcha form made for bots one day? #randomthoughts

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Love that light this building steals from the nature.

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There are many different reasons why working from home is a great idea. For instances:

1- You'll be more flexible with your schedule.
2- You become better parents
3- No dress code

Read +Jane Sheeba article on this matter.


#workfromhome #starthomebusiness #startanonlinebiz

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Read this if you want to make more money online.

#bloggingtips #makemoney

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The BIGGEST list of hosting companies running Black Friday promos in 2016.

Discounts go as high as 90% - it's crazy to miss this! This is the only page you need to see for ultra-cheap Black Friday and Cyber Monday hosting deals.

#blackfridaydeals   #blackfriday2016  

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How to become an authority in your niche

Three key takeaways:

1. Be everywhere. Conferences, online, offline-the more visible you are, the better.

2. Speak at new, small venues in your niche. Use Blab, Facebook Live or Periscope to build your speaking skills and portfolio.

3. Avoid hot button topics outside of your niche. Be yourself and be authentic, but jumping on debates that are full of vitriol doesn’t look professional even if you are trying to be the “voice of reason.”

Read 41 more in this article by +Gina Badalaty -

#blogging #influencer #authority

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WHSR Web Hosting Survey 2016

More than 200 responses received. The number drops to 188 after taking off the unusable feedback.

60 different hosting brands were mentioned in our recent hosting surveys with +HostGator as the most mentioned name (30). +Pressidium and +InMotion Hosting were the two with highest overall ratings.

Admittedly the survey sample size is tiny and heavily biased (90% of the participants are WHSR visitors, which 60% male from India and United States).

Learn more:

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Step-by-step guide on tracking and optimizing Google Adwords campaign. A good read for every Adwords newbies.

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Another game changing move by Google?

100 users, 100 different phones.
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