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Flaming orange Pre-Raphaelite colour
Once upon a time ... I blogged regularly - almost
daily. Once upon a time ... I could see properly. Once upon a time ... there
was a Little Family. Once upon a time... I see that it has been almost six months since I wrote
an entry to this blog. I would lik...

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A historian comparing fascism and Trumpism: her conclusions are not very hopeful. But we already knew it, didn't we?

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I do not like book lists. But in this USA post-election time, it does no harm to wonder why such a disaster of the negation of the "normal" politician arose and why such a freak and dangerous extremist as Trump won - to the horror of more than half of the US population and that of the world.

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Peace of mind and food for thought in these troubled days.

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 How to spiral into despair, drink and death longing

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Once I had a voice. And I screamed. NOW I have no more time to myself. Idepend on the help I shall, may or might get - or not. My life is now fully busy with The Girls. Elder Girl is unmanageable because of her pathologies and because she hates me as I ask ...

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A word, please. Thank you.

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In need of a word of comfort
I have started writing about what happened to The Little Family during
the last month but I cannot end the post. Feelings are too raw and I am
overtired. Elder Girl had to be dashed to hospital after a fit where she convulsed
and badly hurt her head and sca...

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The Little Family is back

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Some news from The Little Family
It has been a long time since I
posted my last words on all my blogs. I think the middle of July is the last
date for "Sketches and Vignettes from la Dordogne", when I talked
about a play at the Avignon theatre festival. And it was even sooner than this
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