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I've made this soup twice, now, and even the meat-eater in the house likes it! :-)

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Google is matching donations 1:1

Arrived at work to find a rather large spider sitting on the floor next to my computer tower.
"Oh, hello there...."
Yes.  It's alive. (it twitched)


Inverted a glass over it and slipped a paper under it... lifting  carefully... Oh!  Lost it.  One more time.... and ack!  On the desk, now on the paper, shaking into glass... slap paper over top.  Success!!!  Now, then... Down two flights of stairs and outside, release spider, come back in and up to my desk.

Alright, then.  Now I can start my day.

Good morning!


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This states my position perfectly.

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Attention all Whovians!!!  
Many of you may already be aware of the east coast Doctor Who convention coming up next March called (Re)Generation Who.

Side note:  This convention is being run by the same individuals who run Intervention so it will be awesome!


Also available for pre-registered attendees only a LIMITED number of Tom Baker autographed photos!!  These will not be available anywhere else and you must be pre-registered to order one!!

What are you waiting for?!?  If you want to attend, you'd better register and order your photo now!  

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Or perhaps two. Or maybe a pastry...

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Please share to help these folks recover their stolen trailer!  Thanks!
Help Find Our STOLEN +Geek Beat Trailer!
Sometime between 9pm last night and 8am this morning the brand new Geek Beat trailer was stolen from our parking lot at +The Geek House

The trailer is VERY distinctive because it was custom made for us, so it should be extremely easy to spot.  Features include:

* It's a 12' long x 7' wide Cargo Craft Elite V nose
* It had custom smooth sidewalls (no visible rivets)
* Tandem axle (two sets of wheels)
* Two tone with black on top and silver on bottom
* Custom wheels
* So new we don't even have the permanent license plates for it yet!
* The top front was absolutely COVERED with dead bugs from the long drive to and from New York.

It was purchased from R&J Trailers in Seagoville, TX, and most of the stickers were already peeled off with the exception of PART of the R&J Trailers sticker on the front side of the trailer.  It currently only says something like ""

If you spot the trailer, please immediately call 911 and report it as stolen.  Also, it would be awesome if you could help try and find it by spreading this post and encouraging others to join the hunt.  Also, help keep an eye out on Craig's List or eBay for the trailer. 

The worst news of all is that I'm hearing there is probably a problem with our insurance which might mean a total loss for this theft.  As in no reimbursement.

Crime sucks. Help us find our trailer. And make the bastards who stole it pay.
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Mmmm.... Yummy!

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Spamming communities with offers of cheap sunglasses. :-P

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Having a red ale tonight. Tasty. :-)
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