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Tim Fermont
No harmful intentions. Just multidimensional fractal thoughts...There is only a box if you create one.
No harmful intentions. Just multidimensional fractal thoughts...There is only a box if you create one.

Let’s face it. The open World Wide Web dream is dead (well, it’s a zombie). We only have a couple of years left to implement the Internet 2.0. Given that the birth of uncontrollable A.I. is a matter of “when” not “if”, the only way to avoid total contamination and communication meltdown is to build a new hardware “secure worldwide network” parallel to the current open Internet. The discussions regarding “net neutrality” are a complete joke and missing the point, survival of the species is at stake. We must move all primary services onto this new network (water supply, electricity generation and flow, financial flows, etc). Access must be restricted to human users only by mandatory multi-sensor biometric authentication with real-time location verification. Part of the multilayer protection will be physical layer hardware cut points with automated multi-CPU sensors triggering according to the principle “cut first, ask questions later”. This should enable the survival of autonomous pocket sub-networks in case of contamination. The existing open world wide web (Internet) is a lethal danger for our survival and must be cut up immediately (and I do mean physical separation by dismantling several core nodes, disabling satellite services and cutting intercontinental optical fibre links. We are seconds away from twelve o’clock.

How to avoid human extermination by AI.
Fermont's one law of AI: "Dear AI, no matter what you do, the amount of unknown unknows will always remain infinitely vast."
Think it through, problem solved.

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We've all got issues.

Step by step,
Boston Dynamics, Handle

The military will build robotic soldiers (we or them principle) and yes they will be allowed to kill. Get over it... or don't, your opinion is irrelevant.
It's also the only way we will be able to build our first permanent colony on Mars. That's worth a couple of hundred million people at least. See, it's a win-win.

Republicans, impeach to survive.

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Bassnectar Timestretch

I’m a bit disappointed in Rosie. She seems to be emotional after her “Phuket adventure”. I warned her it is all an illusion. People go on holiday in a luxury hotel that sets you back at least 500€ a night (more like 700-1000€ if you want a decent view) and they are sad that they must go home but “oh so happy” that they “experienced this way of living”. I’m sorry but 1) being isolated in a luxury holiday resort has nothing to do with breathing another culture to enrich yourself 2) in this case you are directly (taxes) sponsoring a non-democratic military regime 3) you are living above your means so it has nothing to do with “living” (unless you have 700*30 = 21k€ to burn every month of course) 4) you are spitting in the face of 90% of the population on this planet that try to survive while you are squandering precious earth resources making no contribution to humanity “whatsoever” (ok, I’ll tone that down, “that’s worth mentioning” on rapture day).
This is the problem with the younglings, born in wealth, thinking that peace is the “normal” (don’t they read history books?). Ah well, back to the Ops desk in a couple of hours. Running global military branch 6 support for operations on four different continents. The intel briefings are sobering. I wonder how many people were blown up this week as collateral damage for a bunch of morons that think they can toy with human lives because they have an opinion. I’m just one of many that take a stand, softly blowing the sparks in the tinder of karma, so that one day, karma will blaze and tear them a new one.

it takes time to decide,
decide if I want to go back,
back to the dark place I conquered decades ago just when the world came to you,
you and your work deserve nothing less than commitment,
commitment to at least try to understand,
understand not to judge but to help others maybe,
maybe you can forgive a soul that used to wander,
wonder what I will learn

is not just from your position relative to others
it is also from all other positions relative to you
at the same time, together
Now take into account,
each individual has its own dynamic emotional and cognitive
1) bandwidth (the maximum capacity the individual can handle at each given time)
2) spectrum (the adaptation over time the individual can cope with)
Can you fathom the complexity of the equation over time.
Can you understand the inability to truly comprehend "your" perspective. The absurdity to even try.
Why do humans 1.0 try to grap their existence as a fixed entity obeying simple society rules, mind boxes?
Why can't they understand that the only way to truly glance at the universe is to tear down all the boxes, but not all the time and in every instance. We need those simple boxes to make the Maslow society function (it is convenient if we survive).
The human 2.0 can operate multiple cerebral instances simultaneously at the different pyramid levels.
"Hyper-threading" on a learning multi-core CPU.
Incorporating a dynamic expanding (il)logic unit.

So (don't) worry, this is why cerebral fungus like a certain president-elect will never truly be in charge. Unfortunately, the illiterate American voter, staring at his own feet, does not understand that his opponent is KGB, they are trained to be at least humans 1.5. The true strategic thinkers in the US, the permanent ones in the trigram shadows, now have a crushing responsibility to play the game at the next level.

some hurt
some heal
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