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Timothée Gauthier
Liek Wut?
Liek Wut?

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Post has attachment My missions blog, come check out what i'm doing!

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8GB of ram in my laptizzle, WINNING!

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Update to my Flickr set, more photos of my HALO REACH Costume.

Posting from Chromium OS, running in Parallels.

I want to go airsofting...

I just watched "Hobo with a shotgun", good narrative, nice story, cute co-star. WAY GORY... actually not very enjoyable to me.

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Wow, this is pretty awesome. I found it while watching Kevin Rose videos. I'm actually more interested in this guy then I was previously, I used to write him off.

anyone else unable to open the mac app store?

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This is fantastic!

I've been working with epoxy resin and body filler all day, Paint and Gesso too. I managed to keep my hands mostly clean, and yet the most destructive thing I have gotten on my hands was oil from taco's! Dammit dinner, WAI YOU NO LIEK ME!?
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