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n/w engineer + tech enthusiast

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15 years ago we placed the largest server offer in our history: 1680 servers (we had 112 servers till then) ~Urs Hölzle #Google  
15 years ago we placed the largest server offer in our history: 1680 servers, packed into the now infamous "corkboard" racks that packed four small motherboards onto a single tray. (You can see some preserved racks at Google in Building 43, at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, and at the American Museum of Natural History in DC,  

At the time of the order, we had a grand total of 112 servers so 1680 was a huge step.  But by the summer, these racks were running search for millions of users.  In retrospect the design of the racks wasn't optimized for reliability and serviceability, but given that we only had two weeks to design them, and not much money to spend, things worked out fine.

BTW the four white pins in the forefront are the reset buttons for the four servers, and the disks are mounted on a plexiglass board which lies on top of the board (not attached -- there was no time to design a proper bracket).
Corkboard server order
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few more uploads from my camera
From My Phone Camera
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A New Look at Carl Sagan’s “Pale Blue Dot”

I never get tired of listening to this. It never gets old.

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live data visualization of DDoS attacks around the globe

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Everything is Samuel L. Jackson’s Fault [Video]

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Juniper - contrail controller · GitHub   [ source code baby! ]

Juniper has open sourced its SDN controller for its Contrail Software Defined Networking offering and started to host the Apache 2.0 licensed software. the source is available on GitHub.

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PhoneBlocks :: a phone worth keeping .

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"Murder by Craigslist" :: A well written long piece of a crime news about a serial killer who found a newly vulnerable class of victims: white, working-class americaan men.

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German director Werner Herzog's  reading of the hipster classic 'Go the Fuck to Sleep' is very much real and timelessly delightful in every possible way #4frustatedParents
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