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Redheaded, lefthanded, native Texan.
Redheaded, lefthanded, native Texan.

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What organization will help the victim's family to sue Denver?
Shouldn't there be a civil suit here? Some form of culpability for Denver to have released the guy even when ICE had a detainer on him?

Can someone help a conservative figure this out?
The conservative that needs help is me. I'm seeing a few stories zooming past on twitter, and I don't really understand the philosophical underpinning behind what seems to be the conservative angle on these things.

I'll mention the issue, what seems to be the Conservative Twitter Folks' Opinion (CTFO), and then my opinion.

I really haven't read up on all of these issues and would really like to know how I can be further informed so as to have opinions that are both consistently conservative/libertarian/constitutional and in sync with the smart folks on twitter, cuz they probably know more than me.

1. Trump cancels the Obama "guidance letter" for schools on gender identity
CTFO: this is proper, it's a return to federalism, putting the control and responsibility back in the hands of state, school, and parents.
Me: I agree, don't really care too much about the issue, and that's fine, since I don't go to school or have a kid at school. That's the point, schools and parents should be able to deal with this as they need to.

2. Trump signals that he's going to enforce laws against recreational marijuana
CTFO: particularly Amash, this isn't a federal issue and is really horrible and wrong
Me: Dope is illegal at the federal level, states actually have been outside the law when they "legalize" it. So it's perfectly constitutional for feds to enforce federal law. If it's a bad law, overturn it in the legislature. Picking and choosing some laws to enforce and others to ignore leads to chaos and favoritism. So - the actual best way to get a bad law overturned is to enforce it. By ignoring it and letting states do what they want, we let the Congress off the hook. Arent' we also kind of pissed when states or cities choose to ignore immigration laws? Where is the consistency here?

3. Something about a rule that was going to have federal prisons be more privatized got overturned, and the prisons are now going to be all government facilities
CTFO: This is great because private prisons are bad.
Me: I thought that we wanted the private sector to do more, because government sucks at everything it does. We want the private sector to do more for Vets Medical care and scale back the VA Hospital system, why would the prison thing be different? Seems philosophically inconsistent to me.

See, I count on the conservative position to be pretty easy to guess, even when minimal information is available. Since it's got a consistent philosophy, I can hear the outlines and figure what the conservative/libertarian/constitutional position is.

But in these 3 cases, only 1 of them has me on the side with the CTFO.

What am I missing?

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3 Reasons Schools Should Make Their Own Trans Policies
Wednesday night the Trump administration reversed the one-size-fits-all approach the Obama administration took last year on student privacy in sex-segregated facilities.

Trump administration action, which merely removes the Obama regulatory rewrite of the law, allowing states and local districts to manage these situations.

* Communities Have the Right to Rule Themselves
* Parents Have Rights, Too
* Schools Should Control and Own Their Decisions

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Treat Illegal Immigration Like What It Is: A Law Enforcement Problem
McCarthy with another informative and entirely rational article.
Since 9/11, we’ve lost the distinction between national-security challenges and crime problems. Illegal immigration is a crime problem.

The distinction is important. We must always have as a goal eradicating national-security challenges – even if the goal is unrealistic, a single terrorist attack can be so catastrophic, we must take extra measures to prevent it. To the contrary, it is not our goal to eradicate crime problems – it would neither be possible nor desirable (in terms of the costs to liberty) to do that.

Crime problems do not lend themselves to “comprehensive” solutions. Instead, they are managed by reasonable and hopefully efficient law enforcement.

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Fire Bureaucrats!
“The regulatory state now lets politicians wipe their hands and say, ‘Hey, it’s not my fault, it just came from these bureaucrats who work for nobody and are accountable to nobody.’

And I will say, one of the things I have encouraged President Trump to do — and I’m optimistic about this — is to take on directly the regulatory state, to take it on, to FIRE BUREAUCRATS!”

It's all about accountability. 

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This is an anchor on CNN. He used to be ABC News chief law and justice correspondent. Son of a former governor of NY. Brother to the current governor of NY.

This is a public statement, made on his verified account, thus he is officially speaking for CNN in this.

The context is discussion of transgenders in locker rooms.

link to the original tweet:

He's being taken to task for it, and now denies that he or anyone ever said that

@ChrisCuomo Not wanting your 12 yr old to see a penis while using the restroom is being an intolerant overprotective parent? WTF? Wow.

No one said that. Ever. Focus on facts that show a real threat. Don't be a lemming

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The Secret Service Needs an Overhaul to Keep the President Safe
The new SSA director should be an outsider.

The Secret Service Agency currently polls as the worst place to work in the federal government, as mistakes and disciplinary issues have become bigger and more public. It’s been clear that changes needed to be made.

Many agents and officers have stressed the fact that leadership and accountability is currently missing from the agency and needs to be addressed through an “honest top-to-bottom reassessment.”

In order to have such an honest assessment of the agency, the new director should be someone from outside who can look objectively at the problems and be willing to make difficult calls to get the agency back on the right track.

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Yes, Childhood Sexual Abuse Often Does Contribute to Homosexuality
What do Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, George Takei and Milo Yiannopoulos have in common? They are all out and proud gay men, and they were all sexually abused as underage minors. Sadly, this is an extremely common occurrence, as there is frequently a connection between childhood sexual abuse and adult homosexuality.

Not all gay men were molested as boys (since there are multiple causes for homosexuality) and not all boys who are molested turn out gay (probably because they were less predisposed towards homosexuality). Still, it cannot be denied that a disproportionately high number of gay men were abused as boys, and that certainly contributed to their sexual and emotional development.

It is truly distasteful to speak of such things, but speak about them we must, given the ever-increasing scope of gay activism, especially in our children's schools. And with the terribly painful issue of childhood sexual abuse coming to the fore in recent days, let's use this as a teachable moment.

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Straightforward From Here To The Left’s Fascist, Maybe Violent, Endgame
With the grim understanding that they hate us, we need to accept that there may be no easy return to peaceful coexistence. Our goal in electing Donald Trump was to remove the left’s hand from our throat, not to put our hand around blue peoples’ collective windpipe. We don’t care how they live their lives, but leftists care very much how we live ours. Their goal is to lock both hands around our throat and squeeze until we submit to leftist tyranny or die.

It’s hard to see how we compromise. Do we just somewhat submit, or only die a little?

This crisis has to culminate somehow. It could end peacefully, with a return to the old norms and reasoned competition between ideas. But it seems no one is interested in that; instead, one side has to win decisively, and one side has to lose decisively. If so, I say we win and they lose, since I’m not ready to submit or to die.
The Democrat Party, its Media serfs, and Social Justice Incorporated are all outraged because we uppity normals are again presuming to rule ourselves, and their agony is delightful. Less delightful is how, in the process of trying to claw their way back into power, they are incinerating the norms and rules that preserve our political order. That stuff Hillary babbled about honoring the legitimacy of elections? Yeah, no. There’s an invisible asterisk only liberals can see that explains that the norms and rules are void when liberals lose.

So, where does this crisis end?

We know where the leftists want it to end, with us silenced and subservient forever, toiling to pay taxes for them to redistribute to their clients as they pick at, poke at and torment us. You look at the things Trump stands for and all of them are about lifting the yoke off of us – cutting taxes, slashing regulations, guaranteeing the Second Amendment, protecting our religious liberty, and safeguarding us from terrorists and illegals. But everything liberals want, everything Hillary ran on, is about clamping the yoke ever tighter around our necks – raising taxes, issuing more regulations, disarming us, limiting our religious freedom, and putting us at risk from terrorists and alien criminals. The whole leftist platform is about putting us down and keeping us down.

Think what they will do if they take power again.
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