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Start Writing
I haven’t written it’s been so long. I need
solitude, calmness, and nature to start writing. I need to lose my composure. I need to not be casual. I need some tears. I need a blow. I need to think, to over-analyze. I need a reminder. I need the shadows. The...

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Rum Distilleries (Rhumeries) to visit in Mauritius
As of date, Mauritius has set up many distilleries spread across
the island, mostly on the sugar estates, some of which have established
internationally famous brands.  Among the main local rum producers are Grays,
Medine Sugar Estates, St Aubin, Green Isla...

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Rum In Mauritius
             “Why is the rum always
gone?” Jack Sparrow perhaps missed an important
detail here. He should have first asked where the rum came from. Well, it just
spun off from time and perhaps, neglect!  As a coincidental by-product, Rum shared
a lane in t...

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Beach Dinner on Paradise
in embraces of the warm sunset Let
your dreams and shadows lie Along
the foamy shores of eternity Where
hopes and love don’t die The immortal fusion of the sun and the
sea spells of a romance that is eternal, of a moment that is worth a lifetime.

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Those moments that remind me I loved myself. Once upon a time. If I died, people would miss me. They definitely would. There is no one who is capable of replacing the being that I am. That I have grown to be.

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I hate waiting. I hate it to the core. It steals away part of my life, making me feel expended, wasted, permanently consumed. There is so much to do. There is always so much to do. Yet, I swallow up my pride and I wait. So many times. Foolishly repeating it...

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I've lost something I never thought I would.

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