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Baby Gozilla to the rescue!
Join us!

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Please kids, don't get any ideas here.

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jajajaja buenísimo!

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TECHNOpor, insulation device aggregates of foam glass

Recently, aggregates TECHNOpor made foam glass available as an alternative to traditional insulation devices in Austria or Germany.
According to its manufacturer, aggregates of foam glass material is stable, lightweight and easy to handle since they are up to twenty times lighter than gravel. more

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Flying Builder Robots

Soon flying robots will be building skyscrapers! The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology have invented flying robots that are capable of assembling structures out of foam blocks.

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BIG Architects - St. Petersburg
in St Petersburg, Florida - USA

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The city of St Petersburg in Florida is trying to develop an architectural construction by launching an international competition. The Danish BIG Architects have proposed this project with this impressive structure close to the shape of a snail at the end of the pier.

The proposal created by danish firm BIG architects is one of three shortlisted submissions for the st. petersburg pier international design competition. the masterplan will organize and harmonize a variety of individual events along a network of paths, merging to form the iconic pier structure which will gradually flow into the waters of tampa bay. the branching pattern will collectively form the ‘tributary park’ containing native plantings of diverse color schemes. the gardens will highlight the programmatic sectors of the park including the museum, observation deck playgrounds and natural forested areas bustling activity will be channeled towards the ‘wave walk’ which undulates to dip and rise from the water, framing a swimming pool and small holding area for kayaks, canoes and small scale boats. similar to the waves of the ocean, the increasing momentum generated by the volumes of people circulating onto the pier culminates by looping the promenade overhead, sheltering people underneath and providing elevated views from the generated roof terrace the plaza below the arch may be used for outdoor markets and as a band shell pavilion for concerts. the public spaces terminate with a platform which submerges into the bay creating an additional view towards the city. exhibition spaces, banquet halls and other public spaces will by placed inside the sculptural building.

Reserched by Franco Di Capua
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BIG Architects - St.Petersburg (13 foto)
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Pues sin novedades, aún.
Pero le dejo este videíto a +Hugo Aldo Soto para que se acuerde que me traiga una rusa porfavor cuando vaya paya...
Путин лапает избирательниц! / Epic! Putin paws women voters!

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sin novedat
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