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Ernest Lopez
If You think you understand Physics, you're Wrong.
If You think you understand Physics, you're Wrong.

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Watching YouTube TV. and the NBA on my. Windows 10 laptop, sweet!


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I. Was looking for a new replacement Solitaire game for Linda, since her favorite on our old windows 7 desktop was replaced by a browser version which has None of the features of the Good Klondike version running in a Bluestacks like App that could be played in it's own resizabkle window that could fill the whole screen
In Windows Infinite wisdom they decided to "Fix" something that wasn't broken and screwed it up instead!
So now I'm looking for a Real replacement! The fix is ongoing sad to say. It's like my getting used to the Amazon tablet that I got for Christmas (my pick because of my extensive Audible library I had for years on my Andfroid phones and Asus tablets" What a mess. Dealing with Amazon's left-handed way of doing things! That's why I avoid ed Apple devices All These Years.

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Swipe away 👻👻👻 in this #Halloween #GoogleDoodle Score: 1180

Self-note of You Tube Linux poster Joe Collins who really likes Mint distro and Xfce desktop.

CBS All Access sign-up, like most sites that know "nothing" about "Tech" is a Real Mess!

Streaming is killing CableTV and the endless. Commercials should have died a long time ago.

The sad part is that they "stole" the ads that sustained really good newspaper reporting. And TV News has become a sub-par "reality" show with ads as their only reason for being on the air.

What a Mess!

I was watching Bourne on channel 4 and at 8:58 cisco cable box on charter communication just shut down for 10 minutes, why?

When I search for information on Google and Google now I always get the oldest information First which to my way of thinking is ass-backwards. If I wanted Old Data I would look in Wikipedia or something similar. My Google Now Cards give Yesterday's results first not Now results which is what expected Now was all about!
Obviously that is not the way Google thinks the order of information should be presented. My question is Why?

When I search for an answer the results start in 2013 which is Three-Years-Old, not Really relevant to Today's query is it?

I know I can Force search to show me more current data by choosing last 24 hours, Week, Month or Year , but wish it would default to Newest Answers First.

Of course I am working on a tablet running Lollipop 5.1.1 which has not been really fixed since it came out in ,2014.

No wonder Twitter is going down the tubes. I've had an account since 2006 and now for some crappy reason I can't log in at all, on Nexus 7 tablet??? My desktop works fine but tablets no!

What's wrong with these clowns???

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The BIG SHOW is at SXSW in Austin, TX.

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