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Always trying to get better.
Always trying to get better.
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I saw it. It was amazing. Will see again at least twice.

I'm on my way to see it. I'll probably be an hour early. Kind of excited.

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Been doing some work on the M0116 I got off of Yahoo Auctions a few weeks ago. Since it was made in the late 80's before USB, it uses ADB to connect. Needless to say, that isn't really practical today. I bought an iMate, which let's you convert it to USB, but it is a bit clunky.

Luckily a clever fellow has come up with a way to convert from ADB to USB using easily available parts which you can fit inside the keyboard if you wish. Not only that, but you can also turn the keyboard into a fully programmable one with multiple layers. The possibilities are almost limitless.

I managed to fumble my way through gathering together the software and hardware needed to do this and now have a keyboard to customise to my heart's content. I even managed to fix some switches that weren't working with a soldering iron, a multimeter and everything. I'm rather proud of myself.

It still needs a thorough cleaning, but I'm on my way.

This is what I do for fun.
M0116 Project
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This just makes me smile.
And, while I'm linking to entertaining covers: the Tetris theme makes a pretty good ragtime piece.

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This is as close as we are getting. I think there might be something to this VR thing.

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This has taken far, far too long. Happy to finally have it though. Amazon Prime Video and Netflix due next month too.

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He got a fair amount of applause when he talked about most topics such as education and democracy, but I thought there was an awkward silence when he talked about corruption and holding on to power too long. Anyway, I hope the message got through to the people that really matter.

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So this is some shady shady stuff from DC Entertainment. They are making it really hard for creators to get credit for their creations.

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Take a look at the fancy new Hokuriku Shinkansen from the inside.

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British musicians and their love of bacon sarnies. We love it! Great music from Ghostpoet.
Ghostpoet - Off Peak Dreams | Guardian Sessions ►

Ghostpoet, alias London MC Obaro Ejimiwe, performs Off Peak Dreams in an exclusive session recorded for the Guardian at the Lexington in Islington, north London.
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Off Peak Dreams is a song on his latest album Shedding Skin, which sees him using electric guitars and piano instead of the icy electronica of his first two albums. The Mercury-nominated producer brings drama to the everyday, mixing life's commonplace stresses – 'bills, tax and bailiffs' – with post-pub existential dilemmas.

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