"Adobe is not dead. #Adobe works for #zombies now.

Some of you have heard me bitching about what's happening to Flex for some time now. Well... it was time to check if I should correct myself.

Today I went to #Flex #London #User #Group #FLUG http://www.meetup.com/flexlondon/events/49384042/ . It was something to see! And speak to the people from Adobe... what a priceless gift... to tell them what we think of it all...! I really enjoyed this meeting. There was about a 100 of us - developers. Well... I have to say most of us ware not happy about what Adobe did in November by clumsy announcement about ditching the #mobile platform all together. I bet it caused a few heart attacks and I know that it brought the Flex jobs market to a stand still, at least in London. Well done!

So what's the update on Flex? Before I start I have to say that thanks to Adobe and the Flex framework I was able to feed my family for a while now, so thank you for that, BUT... I had realised that I have to consider some new possibilities now. And I mean NOW. Why do I say Adobe plays for the dark side? This is very compressed version of my interpretation of what's happening and what I heard today. I'm referencing thing without huge accuracy but bear with me to see The Big Picture.

Adobe with it's #PDF #Reader and #Flash #Player is a constant joke to a whole security industry. This joke has a such long beard that it's not funny any more. They constantly struggle to maintain the code base usable. Of course it costs money. So some suite at Adobe has, I bet by accident, heard about "community driven projects". I think this person thought: "Well if we can make a bunch of people to do the work for us for free, why should we pay for any of this stuff as we do now? And if anything goes pear shape - it's them to blame. Buuuaaahaha! (Dilbert'ian enough?)" That's how #Apache Flex was born [ http://incubator.apache.org/projects/flex.html ] - what seems to be, a noble idea but is just a hoax. Community driven development environment...Oh!... But if we have learned anything from the stories that our grandmas red us - if anything is to good to be trough - it certainly is not.

"TRUST NO ONE" +Steve Gibson

Long time ago Adobe announced that their goal was to be the best multi platform environment wich they succeeded with Air framework. It was beautiful. One source code running on Windows, Mac an Linux. Sky was the limit.

Then they killed Linux development environment. LITERALLY KILLED. The copies of SDK had a #time #bomb that with a stroke of New Year erased some of the SDK files on Linux distributions. Adobe claims that it was costing them to much to support this set of plugins to #Open #Source Platform called #Ecliplse, which they bundled and ware selling as Flex Builder. (Eclipse is written on OS agnostic Java, so WTF!? ) Any way. Next was the Air. No more Air for Linux any more. The last stroke of genus - the November announcement of no Flash Player for mobile platform. Genus!? I actually had to ask this question "So what now? What is the next promise Adobe will break? Is there a reason for Adobe to exist any more?"

IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT - IT 'S ALWAYS ABOUT THE MONEY. After nearly two hours of being a tough crowd and shooting difficult questions FINALLY WE HAD OUR ANSWER! [drums....] It appears that movie (#Disney has been called by name) and gaming industries are very interested in making sure DRM (called by name too) among other things will stay deeply integrated in the Flash runtime. Who needs #SOPA if they hold by the balls the administrators of the most widely distributed content delivery medium - Flash? Actually from smug smiles of Adobe representatives I read "Yeah, so what if HTML5 has video player. #Hollywood will not allow for it." Hollywood has a broken business model to start with, but I can see they are strong enough to take some dumb suits with them along with a couple of corporations the suits manage. Gaming industry are the speed freaks so Adobe promises to do a lot to increase the performance too. But who cares any more? Gamers are not loyal. They will go where the shiny, new, fast toy is. Yes, Adobe did a press stunt to claim to be pro open source with Flex while not allowing anyone anywhere close to the actual Flash runtime engine and keeping it close source.

There is a good reason why managers in London City ware s#$ting their pants after the announcement. There was NOTHING that was clearly indicating that Adobe stays loyal to the #enterprice . With a track record of promising one thing and killing it after a while - I'm not surprised.

Yes, at this time they still are the platform of a single code base to multiple platforms. The performance is crap but you get what you pay for. If in doubt - calculate how much will it cost to assemble teams for Android, iOS and Qnx? Yes, there is a humongous code base in enterprise systems to support. Hey, we still have those beige boxes running IE6 too. Yes, they've been cutting the branch they are still sitting on for a looong time... So I still keep on writing the Action Script, but I kinda moving to some other tree. Something with more organic feel... Robots a so cute ;)

Stay sharp and all the best to you fellow Flex Developers. I pray I'm wrong.
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