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52 Weeks Challenge 2012
The official 52 week challenge page
The official 52 week challenge page

52 Weeks Challenge 2012's posts

Week Six Theme: #Commitment

#52weeks2012 #6of52weeks2012

This week we're announcing a completely voluntary theme for those who want a little extra for week six's submission.

The official definition for commitment is: The act of committing or the state of being committed.

But it is up to you to come up with your own interpretation of what it is. Remember, this can still be a self portrait, an abstract object, scene, or whatever you'd like. There are a few of you committed to certain subjects, such as everyday objects, self portraits, and more.


If a calendar you use helps you commit to your week's goals, maybe that could be your shot.

If you are really hitting the gym every day as your resolution, a self portrait of you working out or doing your thing that week could be your commitment themed submission.

Again, totally voluntary, you don't have to do it, but for those who are interested, let's try it out!

Week Five

After a month, it's amazing to see all of you guys still going strong on this 52 week challenge. Keep it up! Remember our week 5 submission deadline is coming up tomorrow night =)

As we discussed earlier, we're going to be kicking a theme for you guys this coming week, in case you want to spice up your submission (week 6). I'll be posting the theme up shortly.

Fourth Week Submissions

Just a friendly reminder to everyone about the 4th week submissions deadline tonight. Keep them coming, you guys are doing a wonderful job.

Also great to see how everyone is leaving comments and engaging with each other within the circles!

I'm considering doing a theme for the first week of each month, just to give you guys a little more of a challenge. Thoughts?

Week 3

Week three deadline is tonight! Really looking forward to how everyone's doing on their challenge.

I will be updating the circle tonight =)

As always, please browse through everyone's submissions and leave some feedback! It's always good to help, suggest, praise, or otherwise just give a nice +1 to those who are in our circle!

Remember, this is our circle, let's make it awesome!

Second week!

Hey everyone, just a quick reminder to post your photos by Midnight! Hope everyone's second week was a very positive one. Looking forward to the next set of photos!

I will also be updating the shared circle very soon.

Week 1 - #52weeks2012

Congratulations to everyone who completed the first week of the 52 weeks challenge! Thanks for using the correct hash tags and tagging the 52 weeks google plus page in the photos as well.

I (+Arthur Chang) have done my best to tag everyone's first week's photos with the 1of52weeks2012 hash tag. You can now view all the photos here: #1of52weeks2012

Next week, try to post using #2of52weeks2012 along with our usual #52weeks2012 hash tag. It will help me find them to curate.

I have also updated the circle with everyone who has posted their first photo! Thanks everyone for joining in!

I will be removing those who have missed out and have not notified me that they will be continuing on with the project.

This week's submissions were so amazing! Keep them coming!

52weeks2012 Updates

After the first week of the 52 weeks challenge, I have gotten a lot of great feedback from everyone and have a few quick updates.

- Tag your photos with this page as if 52 Weeks Challenge 2012 is actually in the photo. This will allow all the photos to be seen in the Photos page.
- I will manually tag all photo submissions with that week's number when curating, for example #1-52weeks2012 for the first week. Therefore you can do a quick search for that tag and only see that week's submissions. If you're clever and want to help me out (hehe) you can tag your next submission with #2-52weeks2012
- Every week I'll randomly pick a photo to re-share out to everyone, rather than re-sharing every single photo.

Also, sorry for this week's delay. I actually had some real life emergencies to attend to, but now all is good and I'm back to my regular schedule.

First week of 2012 is coming to an end! I hope you guys had a lot of fun getting your shots together.

I've seen a wide range of photos, from self portraits to flowers, plants, landscapes and more! Even combinations of all of the above.

I will be splitting the circles up into those who are doing self-portraits, and those who are not. Please keep posting what you like, but we will do some separation such that it will be clearer who's doing what.

Suggestions / Comments directed at self-portraits can be a lot different in most cases, which is why I am prompted to put in some organization there.

And unfortunately, and for the sake of keeping things clean, I will be dropping those who have not participated this first week. If you want / need to catchup, please let me know so we don't lose you!

I will begin curation of the photos starting tonight and ending it tomorrow. Please post and include the #52weeks2012 hash tag before midnight!

And huge props to everyone that has already posted, even those who posted early last week!

The format of the curation will be evolving as I find the best way to do it.

Cheers to a great first week!

Today's January 4th! What are you guys planning to shoot for your first shot of the 52 week challenge? Who has already posted?

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Here's the updated circle!
52 Weeks Challenge Participants

The official 52 weeks challenge participants circle has been made! These photographers will be taking a photo every week of 2012! Follow their progress and join in the fun if you can (you have a week to decide to join!).

What's funny is there's currently 51 participants, if we get one more it'll be very fitting ;)

More information on our Google+ Page:

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