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Me and my son at the Dodgers game on Sunday...b4 the boooooooo's lol
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before what boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo's
Nice man. What about the booooooooooooooooo's.
Dodgers, CP3 and CP3.5, Now that's a Triple Play! #God #Family
cp3 got the mvp in my 2k game! wawawa
CP3 swaggin it sucks when u r booooooooooooood
like the picture but not the dodgers... GIANTS ALL THE WAY.
nice....hope you guys had a blast !!
thats so adorable like father like son
yo guys look at the guy in the corner. looks like a stalker
y would u get boooooed. u r such a nice guy. enjoy the baseball season
yo you like the dodgers to and do you want to be in my circle
I'm guessing Dodger fans are mainly Laker fans? I didn't know that lol.
ezra, i am not a dodgers fan but i am not a dodgers hater. also, although i follow mlb as a whole, i don't know much about certain teams excep my favorite the phillies
however, i could join ur circles if u want to
Chris only got booo'd cuz most Dodger fans are Laker fans. They're sour cuz he's destroyed the Lakers and they're mad he isn't wearing Purple n Gold. 
this is what I'm talking about father & son at dodgers
this is what's up father & son at LA Dogers ball game cool .
That's great Chris did he enjoyy it did yhall have fun
Did have fun chillin out cause u always have games so that ur day off
wanna give me that snap back
sym jon
this is sym from india dear friend
hi from lookin for friends....want to be friends with me...
haters have no lives. they're just jealous!
hate the people who booed u there, probably hard core dodger/laker fans
Adam B
Just like Tebow got. Don't worry. Glad you enjoyed the precious time with your little guy!
is blake griffin ur best friend?
ur so sexy lol keep up the good looks. your son is adorable! can i ask u his name? i love children
does it suck to be famous cause where ever u go people either boo u or ask u for yo autograph or stuff like that
he is sooo adorable he looks like you alittle bit lol thats a good thing hahahhahahah
CHRIS Paul I am a dedicated point guard and i play for my middle school team i look up to you and try to learn from what you do on and off the court. I want to become a better baller so if there are any tips that you have for me I am all ears
y u directly talk to him all he does is post pics nd thts it he has never commented or replied to anyone
brandon edwards, u might be his biggest fan but once he puts the pic up he doesnt check the comments he wont reply but good luck wit ur team
Like Father....Like Son....How Handsome!!!
Seus olhos são lindos fiquei apaixonada
he looks like u how cuteeeeeeeeeee
is he going to be the best point guard ever in 20 years?
he balls right...he probproly takes after you
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you should have told him to do the blake face
Nice pic u guys look alike so much

oh my dear..... your son is very nice....
Ethan C
epic picture except all the dodgers stuff... GIANTS 4 LIFE
Aww that is so cute I never new u had a son and u are good in basketball my cousin thinks u are a good basketball player and by the way I seen the chermercial where u had put your son in Blake griffins locker Lol that was funny good job playing basketball keep playing good :-D 
You are what you call a real father, wow I wish I had one as good as you.
Cp3and his son who knows how to do the Blake face
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