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OK I guess I'm in the riddles.  Yay.

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You thought you could escape. But there is no escape for you. Because - it's Friday.

Stephen Colbert Sings Friday!

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#onegoodthing Solar panels generating more electricity that it uses at a football stadium. Hell yes. I am totally in favor of putting these on every building roof we can and exploiting the Day Star.

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My coworkers were playing the famous "Who's on First" segment. It's still hilarious to this day.

Who's on first?

Yeah. I saw the new Avenger's trailer.

Now I'm getting interested.

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I was very worried about Leap Day. Now I feel better.

Don't Panic on Leap Day

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Harsh - but yeah. I've got to agree. It's amazing how she "comes out" just as her son starts up his own cooking show about - how to eat healthy.


I'm trying to find one good thing in the news this morning.

It's slow going.

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OK. This. If there's nothing else you see, there's this:

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