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Lindsey Burnam
just a north florida girl that moved to washington, trying to layer on as much clothing as possible to keep warm.
just a north florida girl that moved to washington, trying to layer on as much clothing as possible to keep warm.

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neon yellow
I spotted this neon yellow sweater at work last week and it caught my attention  everything at work catches my attention, though The color definitely scared me since I haven't seen the sun in a while.  Bright colors and a white skin tone . . .  scary.  Bu...

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casual, basic, everyday wear.
I never know what to talk about when I post my outfit posts, so this is what I have for you guys. . .  Casual, Basic, Everyday Wear.  You can wear this outfit anywhere & everywhere.   I choose it for an afternoon full of fun at Perry Street Brewery for thei...

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a long time coming.
it has been a long time coming for a blog post.  since my last blog post, I promised that I would post more fashion posts . . . .  then I got a promotion at work. here is an outfit post from this weekend | c o m f o r t i s k e y | in my book  outfit detail...

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washington beauty
I spent my day off wandering around Spokane snapping pictures with my new camera.  These views are breath taking, South Hill is gorgeous during this time of year.  But I cannot wait until we get a heavy snow, I love the snow on the ground.   l.b. <3

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comfort is k e y
guess who is finally back at posting blog posts. . .  This girl right here! I promise, there will be some consistency at posting more.  I finally gave in and bought a Nikon D 3200, it was on super sale at Target during Black Friday.   I am still practicing ...

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100 happy days challenge
The holidays are slowly but surely approaching us, this might be the retail side of me with prepping so early.  I absolutely love the holidays.  These next few months are my favorite months of the year.   This year is a little different, I won't be in North...

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because you're mine, I walk the line
People have special talents about them, which make them awesome in their own little way.  Come to find out, Cody, is the best at call in radio shows.  He calls, plays a game, & wins .. every single time.  It amazes me, since I have never won anything.   Thi...

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it's a dog world
Today's post was going to be about fall basics & the outfit that I am planning on wearing a l l  t h e  t i m e. Come to find out, Percy is jealous that he hasn't been in any pictures. Instead of this post being about my fall basic outfit, this post is abou...

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an after work outfit
  Last night, was date night with Cody.  We went to our favorite restaurant, Waddell's, to eat & drink.  Our date nights aren't really nights, we are more of late afternoon dinner eaters.  After working for 8 hours in red & khaki, I have like 15 minutes to ...

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the florida state university
I hope everyone enjoyed that lovely chant as they opened up this page.  It is the best sound in the entire world to hear from 82,000 people.   I grew up on Florida State football.   I love Florida State football.   I am very passionate about Florida State f...
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