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Tracy L. Crawford
Montessori Director, Quilter, Dreamer, or Philosopher
Montessori Director, Quilter, Dreamer, or Philosopher

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Ever since I found out that I was allergic to tomatoes, I've been working on a "chili" recipe without them. This is based on tomatillos, and is a bit spicer but isn't a "stew." It has the flavor and texture of what I think of as chili. It's also as easy as my grandmother's old recipe for chili.

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Friday night was great cooking. It wasn't planned though. We had homemade chicken pot pie, strawberry shortcake for dessert and corn on the cob.

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I've started another random blog. This one is about cooking, recipes and part of what I spend a large part of my life doing. I keep wondering if some of the families of the children that I teach could use recipes and cooking information.

You know...
The hard disk crashed.  I'm getting a new computer.  Giving up windows and all the ad infinitum updates.

The last backup was about a year ago.  I haven't really lost much except all of the organization of all of those files.

I think that I'm going to do my taxes about now.  It seems easier.

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I'm really delighted with this.  It's a quick picture, and it's not done yet.  It's my first attic window quilt, although I've wanted to do one for a long time.  This quilt was started over the Winter holidays for a need at my school.  It's playful and fun.
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Google is asking me "What's new?"  I walked 7000 feet in the classroom today, but no- one actually appreciates how tired a teacher can be at the end of the day.

My computers are be very obnoxious and I want two new ones.
Sorry  Little rant.

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One minute.  Worth watching as a reminder of just how far humans have come.  From nothing to the top of mountains.  Good way to start Monday morning.

So... I have a Google notification video playing.  It disappeared, and I can't find it.  6 minutes long.  I know.  I'm going to listen to this heavy metal song play, and I wanted to comment, but where the hell is the window?

I fell old with the new technology.

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There is something really wrong here.  "We're not going take it.  No, We're not going take" is wearing CENSORED across his chest.

I'm getting old.

I would just like to whine that I want my old search functions back before I installed Windows 10.
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