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Karo Engstrom


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christmas polish essentials | Natacha Steven

This is my December nail polish selection! 1 : Essie Leading Lady (glittery red) 2 : Essie Tomboy No More (the real burgundy) 3 : Essie Berr

Fringe, Flesh, and Fishing Tackle: The 2014 Academy Awards Red Carpet

Wow, y'all. Please allow me to apologize for being such a deadbeat blogger. I think my awful winter teaching schedule may have crushed my sp

A Confession: I Never Wanted to Be a Writer

I love reading other people's path to publication stories. I love seeing how there are so many different paths and so many different types o

First-Line Friday!

It's probably the hardest thing to get right--the first line of a book. I know I can't really start writing until I know what it is, and if

Dino Ann

Have any of you seen the TV show Dino Dan? It’s about a ten year old Canadian kid who loves dinosaurs so much that he sees them everywhere.

Mischievous Dog

New graphic t-shirts released weekly. Awesome new designs submitted and rated by the Threadless community.

In theaters this fall: The Social Network 2 - The Oatmeal

The Oatmeal. Comics. Quizzes. Blog. New! Book. Shop. Follow: Twitter. Facebook. RSS / Email. In theaters this fall: The Social Network 2. Yo

Downton Reality Bites

But after the third season, fewer of those characters inhabit upstairs. First, in a deeply disturbing episode halfway through the season, th

Mungolife - Matkablogi Australiasta

Heureka!! Kirjoittanut Anna - torstai, joulukuu 29, 2011 - klo 18:24. Mä jo Mungolife Facebookin puolelle jo kirjoittelinki, mutta mulla oli

YouTube - Hey Jude

Create AccountSign In. Home. BrowseMoviesUpload. Hey there, this is not a commercial interruption. You're using an outdated browser, whi

Romper Doom

Here's the thing, though: Isabel Marant isn't the only designer making sadistically unflattering rompers right now. They're kind of a thing.

Fashion Apocalypse: Irresistible

In my experience, White House | Black Market TV spots are rare. In fact, the new commercial featuring model Coco Rocha is the first I think

YouTube - Kim Lönnholm - Minä Olen Muistanut (Finland ESC NF 1989)

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Jesus Picks the Super Bowl

Now that Tim Tebow is out of the running, Jesus has to decide who he'd like to see win the Super Bowl more.

Wearing My Heart on My Sleeve(s)

You guys know that I'm about as likely to go sleeveless as I am to undergo a sex change operation, and since it's too toasty these d

Fashion Apocalypse: Perkin' Up

If you've spent any amount of time trawling the Interwebs for pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge, you've probably seen plenty of &

Fashion Apocalypse: Harvest of Fashion

Harvest of Fashion. It's been a poopy day. My problems have all been of the minor and not-likely-to-be-permanent variety, and I'm th

How to make an awesome custom piñata | Offbeat Home

The fella and I decided we wanted to have an Awesome Wedding Piñata. Sadly, the options at the party store did nothing for either of us, and

Keith Olbermann reads the first collective statement of Occupy Wall Street

Keith Olbermann shares the first national reading of the first collective statement of #OccupyWallStreet.

What’s up with black names, anyway?

From Tayshaun to Rau'shee, Olympic athletes have been a reminder of distinctive African-American names. Before you poke fun, here's a histor