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Mark Chessler
A geek dad living in NYC.
A geek dad living in NYC.

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Does anyone use G+ anymore?

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$10 for an average burger and fries. I guess it's the Chelsea tax. 

Does anyone have a suggestion for a good iPad note taking app that syncs with toodledo?

What are your favorite online tools for getting things done? I'm using toodledo an evernote on the web, and Awesome Note and 2Do on my iPad and iPhone. I'm looking for other suggestions.

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Interesting public art. A little bit eery. 

Who's ready for a hurricane???

Do any of the Foodies on g+ have a suggestion for a nice lunch restaurant in midtown Manhattan that can seat a large group (10 to 15 people) for a business meeting? The newer, the better. 

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Enjoying a tasty lunch. 

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Reading about Foxconn replacing workers with 1 million robots (in 3 years) reminded me of this song.

I miss FOTC :(

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Fun video. It's worth two minutes of your time.
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