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Automotive Design works.
Automotive Design works.

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Michelin Design Challenge 2015
Versatile The tire is essentially what is giving you your driving experience;
with out the optimum tire the senses that are relayed back to the driver would
be lost. The senses that you experience while driving the vehicle to its limits
are unique to the ty...

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Gallery Exhibition Review (DIA)
visited the Detroit Institute of Art (The Modern Section). There was a huge
exhibition of objects there. The design of the exhibition was such that there
were several objects available there. These were mostly French frescos and
cameos. These had been fra...

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My favorite places
Switzerland Interlaken Jungfraujoch Switzerland Interlaken Jungfraujoch , my favorite places in the world. Interlaken Jungfraujoch is very
beautiful place in Switzerland. I went to Switzerland Interlaken Jungfraujoch
when I traveled around Europe last year ...

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ACC sponsor project
Fall/ sponsored project with American Chemistry Council Many companies want to find solution to reduce
their vehicles’ weight and also make them strong without heavy materials.   They are trying to use aluminum and carbon
fiber plastic. I think plast...

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3D printing
printing is a process of making three-dimensional solid objects from a digital
file. The
creation of 3D printed object is achieved using additive processes. In the last
couple of years the 3D printing has become very trendy and famous technology. 3D prin...

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Fall 2014 Sponsored Project
American Chemistry Council - Plastics Division –
Sponsored Project Description This undertakes major projects lasting one semester each. The design
development process involves a product plan, technical specification, sketches
and a finished model. Sponsore...

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final test Fiat

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Studio final works

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