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Bryan Crump

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Bryan Crump

commented on a video on YouTube.
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You did very well with this. Great job!! Perfect timing and more depth to this than many may realize. 
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got to love how life imitates art sometimes
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awesome :)
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One of the videos I was working on in California before I came back to what would a week later be all the devastation, tornadoes and crazy weather here in Oklahoma. I have only been able to recover a few on the videos and images, but at least its something to show my friends. Thanks to my fellow Experts Academy Graduates  Network for their help and encouragement. Still so much work to do. I need to go back and do more videos, but can't afford the travel. Soon enough, the day will come. Special thanks to Steve Olsher, Shaun Axton, Mary De Alvia, Marilva Kartoredjo, Haylie Oliver, Sadie Oliver, Michael Butler Sr, +Elizabeth Loves-Dancing, Brendon Burchard and so many others for all their support, encouragement and inspiration.

To all of you seeing this, Keep growing, loving and working on your dreams my friend. We are working on big things and already achieving big dreams. I know we have all had our fair share of challenges this past few years, but it's time to shine. I hope you enjoy the video.

#powerofthought   #success   #potential   #personaldevelopment   #seeds   #raw   #unedited   #recovered  
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Halloween season is almost upon us. What will your inspiration be? I know this is one of my busiest times of year and for some reason people always seem to wait until the last moment to book for these events. Always good to plan a month ahead or more for things like this. Especially if you want something of true quality.

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Just a few examples of work done this year. Have not posted here on google in a while. Hope you guys enjoy!!!
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Imagination is eternal
“The unreal is more powerful than the real.
Because nothing is as perfect as you can imagine it. 
Because it's only intangible ideas, concepts, beliefs, fantasies that last. 
Stone crumbles. Wood rots. People, well, they die.
But things as fragile as a thought, a dream, a legend, they can go on and on.“
— Chuck Palahniuk
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Photographer, Director, Body Painter, Artist, Speaker
Public Speaking, Creative Consulting, Creative Specialist, Photography, Art, Writing, Graphic Design
  • Swimsuit Illustrated Magazine
    Photographer, Body Painter and Writer, 2013 - present
    ~ Scouting models and designers in the midwest to work with for contributions to the magazine. ~ Painting models in designs in trompe l'oeil style to look like swimsuits for the magazine as art to compliment the magazine. ~ Write Articles to entertain, inform and motivate readers to discover amazing and beautiful things.
  • Artist and Photographer
    Artist and Photographer, present
  • Kaizen Dreams LLC.
    Executive Director, Writer, Photographer, Body Painter, Artist, Speaker, Mentor, Creative Consultant, 2010 - 2012
  • So6ix Magazine
    Body Painter, Writer, Creative Consultant
  • Distinctly Oklahoma Magazine
    Photographer, Body Painter
  • The FunkYard
    Art Director / Graphic Designer
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Oklahoma City
Vegas - Los Angeles - Denver - Dallas - Augusta
Artist, Photographer, Writer, Body Painter, Speaker, Mentor, Striving to be a Renaissance man.

I have been in the creative industry most of my life and involved with photography for several year now. Recently, I have chosen to focus on some new types of created images. I am going to be working on images of inspiration, love, compassion, imagination, heart, feeling and exploring emotion and the human condition.

I feel it is important as an artist to embrace things about the world and express ones perceptions and project it in visuals. Sometimes not even interpreting but redefining an image to provoke thought. I want to be an artist that does not necessarily tell others what to think but rather inspires to think and think for themselves or as a community.

If you are a model, musician, talent, actor/actress, business owner, or just a creative soul that wants to inspire others, bring something new to the table and explore what it is to be human, an artist, a muse and a inspiration to others, then I want to work with you. Curious? Let me know your thoughts.

Bryan Crump has been in the creative industry most of his life. Starting in 1999, Bryan began professionally body painting and doing makeup makeup. In 2001, he branched into the photography that you see today.

"My interests vary in subject matter. I love fashion, glamor, vintage, pinup, wildlife, landscapes, video, all sorts of things. Currently studying to be a director and producer. If you have a project you need creative consulting on, let me know. I can always come up with ideas."

"As you will see with my portfolio. My work is quite different from normal photography, because I like to incorporate my art and vivid colors. This means that sometimes it does take longer for pictures to be completed. "

I like to inspire creativity and vision in others. When is comes to my work, there is always a storm of ideas that I weed through to get the best.

Starting out as an artist of pencil and paper, I worked up to painting and that eventually brought me to photography. Now I merge all of my skills as an artist to create vivid dreamscapes and enchanting portraits.

I am currently working on developing workshops and a few publications. One of my goals is to establish better networking between creative individuals, models, photographers, artists, etc.

I was recently introduced to HDR photography and have been dabbling with experimentation and techniques to get varied results for portraiture and commercial use. Bridal and Fashion photography remain some of my favorite subjects.

  • Expert's Academy
    Expert's Industry, 2013 - present
    Studying the current best practices in the Expert's Industry regarding branding, speaking, coaching, social media, planning and framework, implementation and so much more. Brendon Burchard and his team put on some of the best educational programs in the world and provide excellent information that is helpful and current.
  • Northern Oklahoma College
    MMDC, 2004 - 2004
  • Rose State College
    Commercial Art & Business
  • Pikes Peak Community College
    Top Secret
  • Fort Gordon Signal School
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Althought I do not live in California currently. I did at one time. Central Casting was always excellent to work with and provided many opportunities for myself and fellow actors and talent. I wish we had someone like them here in Oklahoma and one day hopefully I can work with them again. Thank you for the opportunities you provide and I wish you continued business success.
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There are not many places you can find good quality makeup and they carry Ben Nye along with other brands. Last time i talked to them they will place orders for you as well if they do not have something in stock. They have been in business for a long time so they have tons of costumes for rental. Not so many to buy, but businesses need to know what their customers want. If enough people show a demand for something I am sure this business will do their best to fill it. Remember that a business does have to make a profit to stay in business, so they do what they know works for them. If you want more or something different, show them why it will work out for them as well as you.
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This is a quaint restaurant with good food and a great selection. I just wish they had Crab legs and Lobster. They serve sushi and have a bar with fruits and vegetables and lots of great selections. I highly recommend checking it out.
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