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A Tech Geek who Blogs

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Safe Alarm 2 - Best Alarm Clock Cydia App
Are you tired of the old alarm function in iOS? Are you not able to wake up even after setting alarm? Or do you think some additional features in your alarm could have helped more? Then this post is for you. Here I have discussed about Safe Alarm 2 Cydia ap...

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SwipeExpander Cydia App
SwipeExpander is a cool Cydia app to customize keyboard on iPhone and iPad. This jailbreak Cydia app provides a variety of options like revealing a menu or insert any text just by swiping up or down on keyboard. SwipeExpander treats lower case and upper cas...

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Group Apps On iPhone Using Apex 2 Cydia App
Have you tried of stacking similar apps on iPhone so that you can access them easily? Do you think keeping related apps handy is fun? Then this post is for you. Here I have discussed Apex 2 Cydia app. Apex 2 is an awesome Cydia app that provides a new way o...

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Customize Keyboard For iOS 9 Using Cydia
Are you tired of using the default iPhone keyboard. Do you feel unsatisfied with the features of the keyboard? Or you feel you can make the keyboard better if given the opportunity? Then this post is for you. In this post I have shared iKeywi 3 app that let...

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Change iPhone Keyboard Size Using HandyKey Cydia App
With the big screens of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus it has become very difficult to operate keyboard with one hand. Though you can see more text, images and videos but you can't type with one hand.  iPhone 5s was used to have a 4 inch display but the new mod...

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Eclipse 3 Cydia App For iOS 9
Eclipse 3 Beta is now released for iOS 9. For those who have upgraded their iPhones to iOS 9 and were waiting for the night mode, your wit is over. The developer has come with the beta version of Eclipse that is fully compatible with iOS 9 and works very we...

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Watusi - The Best WhatsApp Cydia Tweak For iOS 9
Watusi is a control center Cydia tweak that allows you to bring all the enhancements that you feel are missing from WhatsApp. From hiding the last seen at WhatsApp to disabling typing indicator. Here I have discussed some of the unique features of Watusi Cy...

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BetterWifi7 Cydia App For iPhone - Add Enhanced Wifi Features To Your iPhone
Do you feel limited with your Wifi functionality? Or just content with the default functions of Wifi that are present in your iPhone? In that case you will be surprised to know that you can add many more features to your present iOS wifi by just downloading...

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Fake a Call Using Caller ID Faker iPhone Cydia Tweak
Got bored of receiving regular calls on your iPhone? Got bored of calling other people and having regular conversations? Wanna have some fun? Then you are on the right page. Today I am sharing with you the a cool trick through to pull leg of your friends. T...

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Password Protect Your iPhone Apps Using Lockdown Pro Cydia App
Lockdown Pro is a cool app for your iPhone/ipad that lets you password protect applications on your iOS device. Using Lockdown you can lock apps on your iPhone including Facebook app, Instagram, Twitter sharing or any of your personal app. Many times your i...
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