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Denise Bennorth
Born in Chicago, raised in Virginia, educated in Utah and raised my family there. My story has come full circle and I find myself happily married in Chicagoland.
Born in Chicago, raised in Virginia, educated in Utah and raised my family there. My story has come full circle and I find myself happily married in Chicagoland.

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Spending Up a Storm
Ding-dong! Yep, another Amazon package just landed on my front porch. That seems to be a regular occurrence at our house since we adopted Bristol and Sam . We've ordered crates, harnesses, Nylabones, several Kongs and Busy Buddy toys, a puppy play pen, and ...

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What's Better than Pizza?
There is one food our family can all agree on: PIZZA. We all love pizza. We don't all like the same toppings, but we all like pizza.  Our youngest Bridger is visiting us from Utah. He's been working out, and eating healthier, so I wasn't sure he'd want to i...

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Celebrating National Puppy Day
How will you celebrate National Puppy Day? You didn't know that was a thing? You must not follow Sandra Boynton on Facebook. She alerts me to all of the little-known, but amazing holidays like Chocolate Day, Donut Day, Pizza Day. So, of course, I was very e...

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PUPPY TALES: Dog Mama Memes
Everyone's making memes these days, even old women like me. I'm not sure I'm considered techno-savvy in any area, but thanks to dumb luck, and poking around on the internet, I've found some fun apps to use with our dogs. The Bark Cam has several features wh...

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Shocking Profanity in Children's Lit
Once upon a time, a long time ago, I was a school teacher in rural Utah, at one of the best elementary schools in the world. Occasionally, I wrote down little incidents I wanted to remember later, when my rememberer wasn't working so well. This is one of my...

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If You Bribe Them, They Will Come
As a new puppy mom, I have two dreams.  I'm living for the day I no longer have to clean up puppy accidents in the house.  When our little canines understand that the ONLY place they should relieve themselves is outside, that dream will come true. My other ...

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The Comfort of a Canine Companion
Meet Sam(antha)wise Gamgee. Chuck usually just calls his puppy Sam. I call her Sam-Sam or Sami.  She is one smart cookie. Of our two puppies, she has been quicker to master so many things: ringing the bell when she needs to go out, and the basic commands of...

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Absent of mind would describe me at many points during any given day. I often forget what I needed from the room I just walked into. I don't have immediate recall of just the right word when I'm speaking. I can't find the glasses I'm wearing on top of my he...

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PUPPY TALES: Music Hath Charms to Soothe... Whining Puppies
One of the things that endeared Anderson Animal Shelter to me is that they play classical music to soothe the cats and dogs in their care. Even when Chuck and I were escorted back  to visit Bristol's siblings,  where animals are treated for various medical ...

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Just One of Those Days
Some days suck.  If I'm honest, it's not the day usually, but my attitude. All day long I have felt this unnamed feeling that just doesn't feel like it should belong to me. What the heck is wrong with me when days like this sneak up on me? Nothing is really...
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