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Navy warships to sail for Gibraltar: Task force on its way in show of force to Spanish. and YES, WHILE war IS a MACHINE...

I, Jeffrey alan Castillo, sold (6) six line-drawings, and, one (1) watercolor STREAMEDline paint illustration graphic - one for $10.00 (ten dollars), one for $30.00 (thirty dollars), and, the, rest, of the (5)five, VISUAL art ItEmS for $20.00 (twenty dollars) each, at a homeless (feedin' line) VEGETARIAN pLaTfOrMed meal SPONSORED event, in co-operation with a PROFESSIONAL non-for-profit DRAWING, PAINTING AND sculpture retail outlet (GaLlErY), owned by Carolyn Picard (just like Jean Luc-Picard in STAR TREK ; next generation) and the Dignity Diner Vegetarian Soup Kitchen run TYPICALLY by social WORKER Kara, and VOLUNTEER connie {LAST NAMES UNIMPORTANT TO THE HOMELESS-STREET-BEAT-PEOPLE}, at the Around the Coyote Arts Festival in CHICAGO, Illinois - in the now fashionable wicker PARK real ESTATE region - In the SUN BEATING DOWN UPON YOUR FACE TIME of 2007 ROMAN CALender year. Ever since then, I have toyed around with starting a For-Profit Business entitled [ DRAWING, Painting & s.c.u.l.p.t.u.r.e. InCoRpOrAtEd ], remember something slightly about the designation of INCORPORATION status from two HIGH SCHOOL classes at Immaculate Conception High School in the Village of ELMHURST, IIIinOIS, z.i.p. CODE 60106, and have PAID for legal ADVICE from LAWYERS FOR THE CREATIVE ARTS ($40.00) fourty DOLLARS - Marci L. Rolnik - about incorporating for AN art gallery AND as A choreographer initiated concern - after seeing Willian Rattingenger at a CITY OF CHICAGO department of cultural affairs-sponsored event open to the GENERAL PUBLIC at the Chicago Cultural Center, at, the, intersection of Micjigan Avenue and Randolph Boulevarde, but, still to this date have never actually INCORPORATED in the State of Illinois. SINCERELY and yours TrYeLy, Jeff(REY) a. Castillo.
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